September 2011:

1st IUI


October 2011:

2nd IUI


November 2011:

Clomid CD 3 thru 8

3rd & 4th IUIs back to back days.


December 2011:

On Hold for the Holidays! Started our search for a known donor.

Found our known donor!!!

January 2012:

Started planning out how the process will work using a known donor.

Informed of the 6 month wait.

February 2012:

Clomid CD 4 thru 9

23rd & 24th~ 1st at Home Insemination

March 2012:        5th & 6th we have POSITIVE PREGNANCY TESTS!!!

13th the Doctor confrims that we are Preggers! WooooHoooo!

End of March and we’ve made it through month #1!

April 2012:  Had our first Ultrasound!

May 2012: Rolling right along.

June 2012: Four Months

Picture at 17 weeks!

18 Weeks!

20 Week UltraSound on June 26th

Had our Big Reveal Party to find out that its a Boy!

 (The lighting is really bad but thats Blue cake inside!)

 25 weeks!

 34 Weeks!

November 12th: Noah is here!!!!noah


4 thoughts on “Timeline

  1. Saw on your Instagram that you have a blog. I am loving reading your story! My daughters and son love looking at pictures of another family like ours… In our little town in New Mexico it’s just us so it’s nice for them to see that there are other families out there! Thanks for sharing!

    • Thank you!!! I am so glad you have enjoyed reading the blog. I don’t profess to be a great writer by any means but I have loved blogging about our lives. IG is my favorite. I just love seeing other families like ours from all over. What’s your IG name? I’d love to follow your family too!

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