Noah’s Arrival


Well on Monday Nov. 12th we went into the hospital to induce labor. I was just 3 days away from my due date. I was feeling very optimistic about how the day would go. I should have known that things wouldn’t go my way when we ran into rain and tons of traffic on the way to the hospital at 5:30 in the morning. So we check in at 6 am and our nurse, Karyn, couldn’t have been sweeter. Fate brought her to us for sure. I was nervous that we might have a nurse who was not “gay friendly” and would not understand our situation or relationship but I didn’t have to worry very long because we got exactly the opposite. When Karyn took our power attorney and other legal documents to put in my chart and that was all it took to get her talking. She first told us that she was happy that we had that type of paperwork but was sad that we even had to have that to protect ourselves. She went on to tell us about her brother, who was gay and had a partner for 19 years. He was in a tragic accident and his partner was not allowed into visit him or make any decisions on his behalf while he was in the Critical Care Unit because they said he wasn’t family. Eventually she and her mother arrived and they made sure that he was included in everything and that he was able to be by his side when her brother died. She went on and on about how she wished we had more rights and knew that one day we would. It was so sweet and comforting to know that she was so supportive and happy for us. We both just loved her!

Well first things first they hook me up to all the monitors and jab the biggest IV needle I’ve ever seen into my arm. Meds were started and they had me hooked up to all the monitors. You could see the contractions on the monitor. His heartbeat looked good and my contractions were rolling consistently 5 mins apart in no time. Our third wheel popped in around 9 to see us and decided to go ahead and break my water. That was by far the most painful. Huge gush and then every time I had a contraction I’d have another gush. They told us that he would probably be arriving by lunchtime. Oh how I wish they hadn’t said that. At 1:00pm I still was only dilated to 4-5 cm so I agreed to have the epidural placed hoping it would help me relax and possibly dilate more. That didn’t happen either. I was numbed up and could barely feel the contractions. Hours passed by and still no progress. I was 5 cm and holding. Our third wheel comes back to see us at the end of his day and finally brought up the words that I had been dreading, ” I think we need to deliver via c-section”. I was super emotional and not happy to think about having a c-section. Now, don’t get me wrong I think that c-sections are fine but it was just not the way I had planned. My birth plan did not include going to the OR. I cried a little and then Les reminded me that my plan was always to have a healthy baby no matter what. We didn’t want to wait until he was in distress to go to the OR we just needed to go ahead and get him out. So before we knew it they had me prepped and ready to roll out. The OR was bright and cold! They wasted no time getting started and it seemed like only a few mins went by before I heard the most wonderful sound ever. Noah crying. He had such a good strong cry. Arrival time 9:25 pm. Overjoyed is how I felt. Love at first sight.

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