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Four Months Old

Noah has had a great month. His little personality is really coming through and I can tell you that this little boy is such a sweetheart! He is a happy happy baby. My favorite thing is that he recognizes us now. There is nothing like seeing his face light up when I talk to him. He started really getting excited every time he would see me first and it made Les quite jealous. I kept telling her it was because I was at home with him all day every day and that he would soon react like that to her too. Well a couple of weeks later and she getting the same reaction that I do.

We finally took pictures with his board today.


Bath time is still probably my favorite time of day because he loves it so much. He just splashes and splashes. He’s always so excited to just go in the bathroom he must think its time!

Watching Mickey Mouse! Oh my goodness does he ever love Mickey. He hears his voice on TV and will turn to find him. In the mornings he’ll watch a whole episode of Mickey Mouse Playhouse, which is just long enough for me to get some things done around the house.

Looking at himself in the mirror is the cutest thing to watch. He just smiles and squeals at himself. So funny and sweet!

He loves to stand up in your lap. He wants to stand all the time. His little legs are solid! We keep joking that he will skip the crawling and go straight to walking.

Eating oatmeal is one of our new favorite things! Took a few days to get the hang of it but we have one full and happy boy now!


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Throwing Stones at Our Own

I came across a post on the Curve Magazine Facebook page of a young couple holding a fundraiser to help them pay for their baby making process. This is a young couple that lives in Denver, CO and from what I gathered they are photographers. They are offering “perks” for donations and are trying to raise $6,500. I smiled when I saw this thinking to myself…”This is pretty clever. We should have thought of a fundraiser!” Then I started slowly scrolling through the comments and was shocked and saddened by what I read… “If they want a baby shouldn’t they be able to afford one on their own? Just my opinion”, “Wait till you have to pay childcare, ladies. If you can’t afford a baby now, the cost of raising one is really going to shock you.”, “If you can’t afford to make it you probably can’t afford to support it.”, “I find this to be an odd way to have a child….children are expensive if you can’t afford to produce one how can you afford to raise one?”, “even though I already commented I just had to come back to say that NO ONE should give money to this..stop the madness!!!”… Now, I remind you that these are all other lesbians. So just because this couple decided to seek help in raising the money for their attempts we should assume that they can’t afford to raise a child or deserve one?!? Wow! What is wrong with our community AND When did we become so hateful to each other? Is it just me or do you not feel that we as lesbians need to be supportive of each other in our efforts to start families. Now of course I don’t expect everyone to donate money to their cause but at least support the fact that a loving couple is excited to start their own family and wish them well. These people with the negative comments are acting like because they are holding this fundraiser that they are saying they can’t afford a child. They’re NOT asking for help in raising their child, they’re simply creating a fundraiser to help with their attempts to get pregnant. I’ve known more than one straight couple that has held a fundraiser to help with the expenses of adoption and no one throws stones at them. No one assumes that they don’t have the money to pay for the child once its theirs. Why are we throwing stones at our own?

Raising a baby is not ALL about money. Yes, children cost money (I know. I have two of them.) but they aren’t as crazy expensive as everyone’s comments are making them out to be. You can find ways to save money and afford the essentials. Most of all a baby needs love, attention, stability and I’m sure this couple can handle that.

We have a whole new generation of LGBT who see that we deserve to have families just like straight couples! Twenty years ago most gay and lesbian couples never even thought of trying to have children…now its 2013 and we live in a whole new world of access and availability to try to start families. Straight couples can get pregnant without a penny spent. They have an unlimited supply of sperm and can try whenever they want to. And I would dare say that many of them aren’t financially prepared. I would like to see how many capable straight couples would be getting pregnant if they had to come up with $1000 a month to try!

I am so disappointed in the reactions that these girls received. Most of you know how costly it is to make a baby in our world. Most of you saved up for months and maybe years to do so. I know Les and I had to stop trying at one point because we ran out of money. What is so wrong with this couple just asking for help?!? If a stranger wants and can afford to donate to their cause then good for them! Some may think it’s odd or weird but who cares! Don’t give if you don’t want to give. Scroll past if you don’t support them but why send out these nasty messages to them. What ever happened to…”If you can’t say something nice then don’t say anything at all.” ?

We live in a world with so much hate directed at the LGBT community. We are battling daily for equality. We long for the day that our marriages are recognized and we are seen as equal. We want to put a stop to the hate that we face but yet we are turning on our own people!

“You must BE the change that you want to see in the World!”- Gandhi

Here is a link to Jennie and Heather’s Fundraiser if you’d like to take a peek…

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Our 3 Month Birthday…a Quarter of a Year Old

Time is flying by! Noah is 3 months old. A Quarter of a Year Old! I can’t believe how much he’s grown. He is such a sweetheart and we are both smitten with him. He wakes up so happy each morning. He just smiles, squeals and laughs. He swings his arms around with no sense of control and kicks his legs like he has somewhere he’s trying to go. It is so funny to watch. He loves to bounce and stand up. He is so strong. We often joke that he’s going to skip crawling and start walking. Ha!

He is so much fun but takes a lot of work to keep him happy. He has a 10 min attention span. He will lay on his activity mat, sit in his bumbo seat, watch TV but 10 mins is his max. During the day I have a hard time getting anything done while he’s awake. I usually wait until he’s napping or down for the night to really get things done. I’ve found that its impossible to round up laundry or do the dishes in under 10 mins.



I can sleep 6 hours straight. But that doesn’t happen every night. Most nights I sleep about 5 hours before waking up needing to eat.

I can squeal, laugh and coo. Sometimes I just babble on like I have so much to say! (Cutest thing ever!)

I’m drinking 4 – 5 oz of milk at a time. My momma makes the best stuff ever!

I love to eat my hand because I haven’t found my thumb yet.

I love to go on walks with my mommies…they’ve figured out that 30 mins is my max in the stroller though.

I love to stand up tall.

I weigh 14 lbs!!!

Bath time is still one of my favorite things.

I despise my swing and cry if you put me in it while I’m awake.

I love my Nanna. She makes me smile and laugh.

I love my Me-Me, she can put me to sleep so fast when I’m sleepy and fussy!

I love my Se-Se. She is the best nanny ever. She takes such good care of me when my mommies are away and I love to listen to her sing.