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Full Term Pregnancy

37 weeks

I’ll be 38 weeks along in just 2 days.  And that means we’re here at the end of this pregnancy just sitting back and waiting on Miss Quinn to be ready to make her appearance. I still feel really good considering how huge I am. Of course I’m not moving very fast these days but at least I’m still mobile. 

My new favorite thing that everyone says to me is “ooh you’ve dropped. You look like you could go any day now.” Well thank you for your input but I promise I haven’t dropped…been carrying her low the entire time and no, I won’t have her any day now bc she’s not due until March 13th and I don’t get lucky and go into labor early. My body likes to be pregnant the FULL 40 weeks before it let’s the baby out. I mean really I can’t tell these ladies who have their babies at 36-38 weeks enough about how much they’re missing out on by not enduring a full 40 weeks of pregnancy. The last two weeks are probably my least favorite. So for those that have missed out I’ll just tell them how wonderful it is to wake up every hour to pee then spend 15 mins getting comfortable again to go back to sleep. Oh and who can forget the fact your sweet baby is finally out grown their space and you can feel every little move they make as if they are trying to climb out of your tummy themselves. I don’t sound bitter do I bc I’m not just resolved to the reality that my babies want to be full term. And that’s ok with me especially this time bc I’m trying to cherish the last couple of weeks that I have with just the boys. 

Noah may have a harder time adjusting to Quinn than Nate. Les has been super emotional about Noah no longer being her baby. She’s worried about how he’s going to feel with her getting so much attention. I’m sure he’s going to have to take some time to adjust but I know he’ll be fine .

Took a few pics today enjoying the snow. We’re going on week number two of being snowed in. Apparently we in the south think the world should stop when there is snow on the ground especially if it’s more that a couple of inches and we’ve had about a foot of snow. I think it’s beautiful but I’m just ready to get back on a regular schedule. 😃❄️⛄️

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The Home Stretch

This Friday marks 30 weeks. I must confess that this hasn’t felt like it’s flown by at all. It’s felt like it’s creeping along. But finally feel like we’re in the home stretch.

I’ve felt huge this pregnancy and at my 28 week visit I went from measuring right on track to measuring 4 weeks ahead of where I am! He said he wants to do an ultrasound next visit to see how big she is. So we shall see if we are going to be having a big baby this time!

After discussing it with our doctor we’ve decided to try to have a vaginal delivery instead of just scheduling a c-section. He said that I’m a great candidate for a V-bac because I was able to have a vaginal birth with my first birth, so we know my body can do it. Now if we find out that she’s an extra big girl those plans may change but we’ll see. I’m a little nervous about some of the complications that can come along with a v-bac but he’s assured me that he’s never had the complications that we’re concerned about and he wouldn’t risk my health. We trust his judgement and just hope that everything goes smoothly.

She is a very active little lady and I just can’t wait to meet her and see her face. After letting some of our closest friends and family help with picking a name we have officially settled in on one and I am so excited! Her name will be Quinn!

Below I added some pictures from our Christmas break. Les got a little over two weeks off from school and we couldn’t be happier to have her all to ourselves for the break. Of course we haven’t done anything exciting, mostly enjoyed relaxing. Stayed with my parents for the two weeks so it’s not like being at home but we’ve enjoyed seeing our family and friends while we have the time.
Christmas was wonderful and so much fun this year. Noah enjoyed opening his own gifts. Christmas morning he opened his dinosaur first and wanted nothing to do with any other gifts…took quite a while to convince him to even look at anything else. Nate being a teenager now got mostly clothes but was still up early ready to open gifts. I guess no matter how old they get they will always love getting presents.
And our New Years Eve party was a blast we spent the night with two of our closest couple friends and enjoyed watching our kiddos run around.
I’m happy to have Christmas and New Years behind us and looking forward to what 2015 has in store for our little family!











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The Home Stretch

A few of the reasons I know I’ve reached the Home Stretch…

I waddle instead of walk.

I go to the bathroom at minimum every two hours.

My Belly takes on a life of its own moving and shaking uncontrollably when he’s awake. He’s a super active baby already!

I no longer have a belly button…as much as I hate to admit it…it looks like an outie now.

I’ve been nesting…I find myself in the nursery ALL the time organizing and reorganizing things. Last week I got a burst of energy and decided while Les was sleeping I would mow the grass, trim all of our bushes, and rake it all up. (She wasn’t so happy with me when she woke up.) I’ve packed up our bags for the hospital and also have a bag for Noah.

So I have just two weeks left until my due date. I can’t believe that we’ve made it already. I think we are nervous and excited all at the same time. Started seeing my doc once a week now. We had an ultrasound at our 36 week visit. It was so exciting to see him again. We hadn’t had an ultrasound since I was 20 weeks along. He was so big! He weighed approximately 6lbs and 2oz. He had cute little chubby cheeks and sweet little lips! He is head down and you could even see that he had hair on his head…which totally explains the insane amount of heartburn that I’ve been having! The ultrasound showed that I have more than normal amniotic fluid so we’ll be in for a treat if it breaks at home. Our doc seems to think that I’ll go into labor on my own before our due date. At our visit last week I was happy to hear that my cervix was soft now and I had dilated to almost 2cm already. So for now we are just waiting. It could be any day now! We are ready to meet little Noah and see him in person. Promise to update everyone when he arrives!

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We finally got the news that we have been waiting for…Les was accepted into Med School! I can’t say enough how proud I am of her and all of her hard work. When she didn’t get in last year we were super disappointed but the wait was well worth it. She will start school August 2013! We have about 10 months get our house sold, me find a job, decide where to live, find Nathan a school, and pack up and move to southern Alabama. Of course moving further into the Bible Belt was not my first choice but we decided a long time ago that we would be willing to go wherever she was accepted.

I will admit that leaving all of our friends and leaving my family makes me sad. We have a great support system here and I know that we will be starting from scratch once we move. I am super close with my family. I see and talk to my family on a daily basis. My sister and her family live 10 mins away. My grandparents and parents both live just 2 streets away from us. From day one I have always had the help of my parents when its come to raising Nate and they pretty much think of him as the 4th child they never had. This move is going to be really hard on them…well honestly its going to be really hard on all of us. I know moving over 6 hours away, with 2 boys and a wife that will be beyond busy with school, is going to be the hardest thing I’ve ever done. Hoping by then that I will have adjusted to being the mom of 2 instead of 1. I’m scared and excited all at the same time.

Right now I’m trying to take it one day at a time and not get overwhelmed. We’re going to focus on getting Noah here safely in the next 6 to 7 weeks before we start looking in to renting the U-Hauls for our big move.


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Time to Celebrate

Our FIRST baby shower is coming up next week and I am so excited about having one. When I was pregnant with Nate I never had a baby shower. I was really young when I was pregnant with him and my parents didn’t exactly want to celebrate my teen pregnancy so I didn’t get to have one. Now I’m not saying that I don’t I understand why…because I can’t imagine what it would be like to have your 17-year-old daughter having a baby…But this time is different. This pregnancy was very planned and prepared for and I am so excited to finally have a baby shower to celebrate the arrival of our little Noah.

A baby registry…you pick the items you’s like people to buy for you who are coming to your shower…sounds simple enough. Ummm no… its not simple. Setting up a baby registry is super overwhelming! I have spent hours trying to get us registered. I have done the majority of this on-line in the comfort of our home but still. There are so many options, choices and brands! Holy Moly! I have read so many reviews on baby products that it is unreal. I never have been one who wanted to know or even cared what others opinions are but with baby stuff I really care. I love reading if other moms found the product useful or worth buying. I will admit that other moms’ reviews have drawn me to and even pushed me aways from certain products.

So as of now we really have nothing for baby Noah other than a few blankets and a few outfits. We are literally registering for everything. Right now the nursery looks pretty bare. Having only a few things in his room is making me super nervous considering we only have 8 weeks left! I’ll be excited to start filling the nursery with stuff after this first shower and start feeling prepared for his arrival.

Overall I’m feeling pretty good but getting more and more uncomfortable. I’m really ready to get this show on the road. 8 weeks and counting! I know that if I’m uncomfortable now that it’s not going to be getting any better til he’s here.


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16 Weeks to go…Emotions Running Wild

I feel like I have neglected to update my blog lately. I find it hard to write most days. I have writers block or something. But I wanted to let everyone know how things were going. According to my What To Expect Pregnancy App… We have 16 weeks to go. The baby is the size of an Eggplant (I don’t know what a eggplant really looks like so that comparison doesn’t help me)….9 inches and 1.7lbs (Now that I can understand). He loves to move! Les is finally enjoying getting to feel him kick and punch. We never know when its going to happen so she often sits with her hands on my tummy while we’re watching TV or about to fall asleep. I love to see her face when she gets to feel him move…such a sweet moment.

So I’m feeling good other than a list of minor complaints…lots of lower back pain, calf cramps, my side hurting, waking up every hour to pee, daily heartburn, my ankles swelling when I’m on my feet too long, I can barely tie my shoes, shaving is almost impossible and little Noah using my bladder as his trampoline.

I will admit that I’m having trouble being as mobile as I used to be.. at times I feel like a beached whale. My doctor said that gaining about a pound a week is good and I’ve gained 24 lbs so far so I guess I’m right on target according to him. But honestly… I feel like that 24 lbs is more like 50 lbs. I’m doing my best to stay active. I am walking regularly, starting a new prenatal yoga class this weekend and feel like I’m eating well for the most part but geeze carrying all this extra weight around is a workout in itself! Just toting my baby bump should count as a daily workout!

Now to say that I’m Super Emotional and Sensitive would be putting it lightly. It doesn’t take much to turn me into a crying hot mess. Commercials. Songs on the radio. Anything slightly sensitive on television. Lord, I could go on and on about things that make me cry here lately. Les is choosing her words carefully because she’s learned I go over the edge quite easily these days. Ha! I think I’ve cried more in the last few weeks than I have in the entire 5 years she and I have been together. Bless her for putting up with me and my neediness.

Time is just flying by … 24 weeks down and just 16 to go then we’re going to be mommies! Still hard to wrap my mind around the idea of having him here.


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Seventeen Weeks

Well here we are 17 weeks along and things couldn’t be better!

The 2nd Trimester has been great. I feel like my old self again except for the fact that I’m a little larger than I used to be! As you can see from the picture, the baby bump is in full effect! It is so nice to finally be past the I just look like I’m getting fat stage.

Went out and purchased some much needed maternity clothes with Les about a week ago. Never thought I would be one that would want to wear the maternity pants with the elastic that comes up over your stomach and lands just an inch or so below the bra line, but I fell in love with the first pair I tried on! I will admit that they look totally ridiculous but they are sooooo comfy! Les had a good laugh when she saw the elastic waist up to my boobs, but said more than anything she just wanted me to be comfortable. And heck yes those bad boys are comfortable! I have a hard time wearing regular pants now because I love these so much!

We have a date set to find out the sex! So excited to find out & start on a nursery! June 26th which is still weeks away but gives us something to look forward to! Les is convinced it’s a girl & so are half the people who I work with. I don’t have a strong feeling either way…I really have no clue what it is. Guess we’ll have to wait and see!