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2017 RECAP

Well since I skipped a whole 2 years of blogging I’ve decided to do a recap of 2017 and then I’ll take on 2018 next. I can honestly say that 2017 had more ups and downs than any other year in my life. So many amazing things happened but several lows came my way too. The year ended with one devastating blow pushing it to the top of the list of worst year I’ve ever had. The year got off to a great start. In March Quinn turned two. Her personality grew just as fast as her hair did. Those crazy curls and her sweet smile  She is our little tornado princess. It’s impossible stay mad at her because of how cute she is!

In May it finally happened. Leslie finally graduated from medical school. It was such an amazing weekend full of celebrating all of her hard work. I can honestly say those 4 years were the longest years of my life!

She matched to an internal medicine residency in Warren, Michigan that would start in July. While her 4 years of medical school were over it was time for the next step. Her 3 year residency program would begin July 1st and even though.

We made the most of our summer and enjoyed time with friends and family. I would say that our favorite part of the summer was our week at the beach with my family. We had some great family pictures made. The kids LOVE the water and had so much fun playing in the sand. It was a great getaway for our family.

It wasn’t an ideal situation but the kids and I were not able to make the move with her that summer. We agreed that I would make the move to Michigan at the end of November or early December. Nathan was entering into his senior year of high school with his senior football season starting in in August. This was going to be such a big year for him and we knew that I couldn’t miss it.

We put Noah into a ABA (Autism Behavioral Analysis) Preschool full-time. He made so much progress in there summer program that we decided to pull him out of the public school blended class to be at the therapy center to help better prepare him for kindergarten. In this environment his teachers are trained to work with autistic children and could help shape and change any undesired behaviors this crucial year before kindergarten.

We had Quinn’s speech evaluated after she turned 2. They determined that she had a significant speech delay and would need speech therapy at least 2 days a week. She started speech therapy with the sweetest speech therapist. They encouraged us to have her around kids as much as possible because with Noah being very limited verbally she would benefit being in a environment with typical children to help improve her language. So she continued at her Mother’s Day Out Program twice a week.  She loved being the center of attention there and  she loved her teacher, Ms. Fiona. I think Ms Fiona just might be her favorite person ever. Being with the other children helped tremendously with her speech delay and her expressive language shot through the roof!

Nathan’s senior football season was amazing. I loved volunteering with the other Senior Moms to do things for the boys. I loved every min of watching him play. He was kicking better than ever. He kicked over 70 points for the year. They went undefeated in the regular season making them Division Champs. He was voted onto the All State Team for kicking and punting. He was Kicker of the Year for Greater Nashville Area. I could not have been prouder of the way he ended his high school football career.

I left my job the middle of November to get ready for the move to Michigan in December. I had started working at St Thomas when I was 20 years old. It was my first “real job”. I worked there while I finished school then took a night shift position in the respiratory department after I completed my degree. It was not just a place I worked. These coworkers were my family and my dearest friends. This wasn’t just a job for me because I loved what I did. I loved taking care of my patients in the ICU. I loved the challenge of taking care of the sickest patients in the hospital. To say I was sad to leave was an understatement but it was incredibly sweet of all my coworkers to make sure I knew how much I would be missed.

At the end of November with football season over we finally made the move to Michigan. The kids were excited to be in a new space and loved playing in our new backyard. There was so much to explore. They barely stayed inside for more than a few mins. Noah was able to start into a new preschool after being there for a week. I was super anxious about it but because the class only had 6 students and then there was a teacher and her assistant in the room. I still needed to set up ABA therapy but was happy to go ahead and get him started on a schedule. I had plenty to do to keep me busy around the house. When we got there Les hadn’t done much other than move her clothes into the closet and set up the TV. The house felt like a sad blank space and I needed the house to feel like home as soon as possible. I spent hours unpacking, organizing and decorating the house. Eventually I started to see a glimmer of this being home!

On November 31st I received a call that knocked the breath out of me. Nathan had been having persistent knee pain despite football being over. I scheduled an appointment with a orthopedic doctor. My dad called and said that the doctor isn’t worried about his knee his more concerned about the mass or cyst below his knee and they were sending him for a MRI. My dad is a preacher with no medical background so I called the doctors office myself. Once I was on the phone with the doctor he told me that the x-ray showed a tumor just below his knee and believed it was cancer. When I hung up I started frantically looking for flights and packing bags for myself and the kids. Booked 3 one way tickets back to Nashville for the next morning. Les dropped us off at the airport and kissed us goodbye not knowing when we’d be back in Michigan. Then there we were back in Nashville in less than 2 weeks. Nathan’s father and I sat in the waiting room of Vanderbilt Children’s Hospital with Nathan waiting for him to have multiple scans and tests. I was terrified to put it lightly. Then begins the long story of Nathan’s diagnosis and treatment and I’ll share all about that in posts to come. (The cancer in Nathan’s leg is illuminated in bright white in the picture below.)

But these last photos are of the kids together December 2017. We had no idea how Nathan would feel or how much weight he would lose once treatment began so I had a friend do a photo shoot of them together for me. I absolutely love how they turned out.

Then to round out 2017 I have a few photos from Christmas with our family.

And there it is 2017’s Recap!


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So much to do…so little time

The title of this post truly sums up our life right now. I have so much to do with very little time to get it all done.

Most of you already know my wife was accepted into Medical School this past summer and she will be starting school this coming fall. Which means we have to pack up and move 4 hours away. Selling our home has been one of the most stressful experiences but I am happy to say after it being on the market for over 6 months and 2 contracts falling through due to unforseen issues, we finally have a good contract on it and have less than 30 days until we close.

Selling this home is bitter-sweet. I purchased this house just a few months before Les and I started dating so we’ve spent our entire relationship in this house. Nate was a little guy back then, only 6 years old and Noah wasn’t even in the works yet. We’ve turned this House into our Home. I will admit that we have out grown it and even if we weren’t moving for Med School we would probably need to upgrade to something larger but its been a wonderful place to call Home and I will be sad to leave it.

I am simply overwhelmed at the thought of packing this house up while trying to take care of a baby each day. Noah is still in a hold me ALL the time stage. He’s not into toys yet and has a short attention span still so I have limited windows of time to pack. I have decided that I have to take people up on their offers to baby sit so that I can get some packing done. Luckily Les and I don’t like clutter and we purge our closets of clothes that we no longer wear at least twice a year but we still have a LOT of stuff! I honestly don’t know where to start. I think that’s why I keep putting it off! To add to the stress of packing everything up… I have to decide what things do we need now and what things can we live without because even though we’ve sold our home we won’t be moving moving until July. Some of our things will go into storage while the things we use often will go with us to my parents home. Yes, you heard me right we are going to live with my parents for 4 months.

We had many long discussions about moving in with my parents and went back and forth about it. But in the end it all came down to the fact that we need to save money while we can. We are trying to be a debt free as possible when we move since Les will not be working and her student loans will be considerably less than her income now. We’re lucky that my parents home is large enough to hold us and allow us to have our own space but we know it will still be close quarters with them for 4 months. It will be hard because we are our own little family and we like being able to do our own thing but we are looking at the bigger picture and realize how smart it is to stay with them. I am thankful for them and their support as we make this transition so we will make it work for the 4 months we have to be there.

Another thing that we must do is decide where we are going to live when we move. We have no idea where we are going to live yet. I have not even been to LMU’s campus or the town that we are moving to. I guess you could say that I am trusting that my wife is picking a great place for our family to be. I know that the town is small and that it is nothing like the city we live in now. Even though Nashville isn’t large compared to some other cities it still has just about everything you could need or want from a major metropolitan city and I love being close to the city. Moving to a rural area like we are will be a bit of a shock for me and I am trying to mentally prepare for it.

So here we are. Less than a month away from leaving our home and less than 6 months away from moving away from the city we’ve called home for so long now. So much to do…so little time.