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Welcome to the world Miss Quinn!!!

This past Friday we headed to the hospital to have a baby. Apparently my cervix didn’t know I was pregnant and hadn’t dilated past one cm at 40 weeks so our doctor recommended just going ahead with the c-section and that is exactly what we did. Everything went well. Mom and Miss Quinn are both doing well. She has stolen our hearts and has us wrapped around her fingers already!

She was 8lbs 5oz and 19inches long. The boys met her later in the day. Nathan just loves her and Noah had no idea that she was coming home with us. Haha. 

We left the hospital on Sunday to spend a couple of days at my parents before heading home.

On Tuesday we had her first doctors visit and first photo shoot. I couldn’t be more excited about these pictures.

Then on Wednesday we made the trip back to East Tennessee to get started in our new routine as a family of five.

I feel so happy that my heart could just burst. 


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Ten Months Old


Well our little guy is 10 months old. He is such a ham! This was one of the poses I got for our monthly photo shoot. Can we say future model? Ha! He always make me laugh.

Tried several times to get him to sit and he wasn’t having any of that. We’ve discovered after comparing him to many other babies his age that Noah is a VERY active baby. He is always on the move and making noise the whole time. We are going to have are hands full when he starts walking!


This month Noah weighed 20.8 lbs and he was 27 inches tall!

Noah Loves…

*Standing by himself. Oh he can stand like a champ but no walking yet.

*Eating yogurt melts and puffs. Before I feed him his lunch and dinner I put these on his tray and he has gotten so much better at feeding himself. Half of them still end up on the floor but he’s getting better all the time.

*Drinking from my sippy cup. He gets so excited when he sees his sippy cup but is by no means an expert yet.

*Opening cabinet doors. Luckily the only things in the lower cabinets are can foods, pots, pans and tupperware. But when he gets in the kitchen he loves to get them open and pull things out.

*Examining everyone’s mouth. We have a future dentist on our hands.

*Watching Baby Einstein. The one thing that will put him in a trance in seconds is Baby Einstein. No clue what it is about those strange videos but I promise they work!

I know I say it every month but I still can’t belive its been 10 months. It’s just going by so fast.



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7 Months Old


Noah Seven Months Old and He is so much fun! He is such a sweet little guy and I just treasure each day with him. At 7 months he weighs 18.8 lbs. Still no teeth but not for the lack of trying! I just know that any day now he will have one pop into view.

So at 7 months he LOVES…

*Babbling and making noise. Noah has become very chatty. He says “babababa” and “dadadada”. Squealing about anything and everything has become the norm. He grunts and makes all kinds of crazy noises when he eats. It is too funny to listen too. We keep trying to get him to add a “mamama” in his line up but he hasn’t yet, maybe next month! : )

*Putting everything in my mouth. Oh boy! This couldn’t be more true. He has been teething like crazy and those little teeth are causing Noah quite a but of pain. He’s having trouble sleeping through the night because of the discomfort.

*Army Crawling everywhere. He is officially on the move! He can get from point A to B in no time on his belly just using his arms. He will get up on his knees and rock back and worth but has yet to truly crawl. He cracks us up when he going into a plank position or he other favorite looks like “downward dog”. (I’ll post some of the pictures we have of that later.)

*Playing with bath toys. We introduced bath toys now that he can sit up by himself in his tub! I didn’t think it was possible for him to love bath time anymore but I was wrong. His favorite are his foam bath letters. Of course they go straight to his mouth. There are so many of them that he doesn’t know which one to grab first. He’ll go from one letter to the next tasting them all! Ha!

*Nana’s dogs. My mom has two little dogs, Harley – the yorkie and Bentley – maltiepoo. Noah loves loves loves those two! He just watches them wherever they go. He will just laugh and laugh at them when they play or bark. He enjoys being in the floor with them and I’ve decided that it must be because they are just his size!


Its been a wonderful month with Noah. He is quite the charmer. I’ve never seen Les so smitten. He just lights up the room and can’t help but be happy around him.


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Our 3 Month Birthday…a Quarter of a Year Old

Time is flying by! Noah is 3 months old. A Quarter of a Year Old! I can’t believe how much he’s grown. He is such a sweetheart and we are both smitten with him. He wakes up so happy each morning. He just smiles, squeals and laughs. He swings his arms around with no sense of control and kicks his legs like he has somewhere he’s trying to go. It is so funny to watch. He loves to bounce and stand up. He is so strong. We often joke that he’s going to skip crawling and start walking. Ha!

He is so much fun but takes a lot of work to keep him happy. He has a 10 min attention span. He will lay on his activity mat, sit in his bumbo seat, watch TV but 10 mins is his max. During the day I have a hard time getting anything done while he’s awake. I usually wait until he’s napping or down for the night to really get things done. I’ve found that its impossible to round up laundry or do the dishes in under 10 mins.



I can sleep 6 hours straight. But that doesn’t happen every night. Most nights I sleep about 5 hours before waking up needing to eat.

I can squeal, laugh and coo. Sometimes I just babble on like I have so much to say! (Cutest thing ever!)

I’m drinking 4 – 5 oz of milk at a time. My momma makes the best stuff ever!

I love to eat my hand because I haven’t found my thumb yet.

I love to go on walks with my mommies…they’ve figured out that 30 mins is my max in the stroller though.

I love to stand up tall.

I weigh 14 lbs!!!

Bath time is still one of my favorite things.

I despise my swing and cry if you put me in it while I’m awake.

I love my Nanna. She makes me smile and laugh.

I love my Me-Me, she can put me to sleep so fast when I’m sleepy and fussy!

I love my Se-Se. She is the best nanny ever. She takes such good care of me when my mommies are away and I love to listen to her sing.


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Dr. Brown is a Life Saver

After 4 weeks of only breast feeding we introduced the bottle to Noah and it went really well. I am one of the lucky ones who produces ample milk. I try to pump on a schedule to keep my production up. I enjoyed breastfeeding but will admit that bottle feeding has made my life so much easier. I was one that never believed that the bottle you used could make a difference in your babies gassiness. Well let it be noted…I WAS WRONG. I say note that because I am rarely wrong or at least I like to think so. Ha!

We started out using Tommee Tippee bottles. We registered for these after reading great reviews. I loved everything I heard about them and even know someone who uses them and loves them. Well everyone may love them but Noah and his tummy did not love them. It just goes to show how each baby is different. After feeding Noah would just scream and cry for up to an hour sometimes. We were using Gripe Water and other gas drops all the time just to help him through the time after feeding. Les was so upset by this and wanted to find a solution  while I just kept insisting that he was just a gassy baby. Thank goodness that Les didn’t just leave it at that. She was a good proactive mommy and went out and bought us 2 Dr. Brown’s bottles. I wasn’t happy about it at first because we have at least 12 Tommee Tippee in our cabinet that I have ready to be used and we no longer have the boxes for. But I gave in and we tried these new bottles out. Holy Moly. Totally new baby after feedings. Rarely gassy and no screaming like before. Yes, there are a few more parts to clean but I can say that they changed our baby. These bottles are a life saver!

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Life Changes

Wow. Its amazing how quickly life changes once you’ve brought a new baby home. Noah has completely taken over our lives. I think this is the first time I’ve sat down with my laptop and felt like I had enough time to write and let everyone know how we’re doing. I never meant to stop blogging once he came along. I still feel like haven’t completely adjusted to life with a new baby yet and he’s 9 weeks old! I promise to do a better job in updating.

Les and I often look at him and say I can’t believe he’s all ours. We waited and wished for him for so long that sometimes it feels like it’s a wonderful dream that we will wake up from. He is a happy happy boy. He is always smiling and cooing. I just love the noises that he makes. We are so proud of him. We’re always taking pictures him I know he must be tired of our cameras going off. We’re regulars on Instagram ( @M_BESSTERRELL if you want to follow ) posting pictures for our family and friends to see. It’s amazing how quickly they change and grow! In 9 short weeks I look back at how tiny he was and already miss him being that small! At his 2 month visit last week he already weighed 12lbs.

I have to tell you that having a baby is not exactly like I remembered. Nate is 13 now and that means it had been 13 years since I had a baby around (I have to add that he is the greatest big brother ever. He is wonderful with Noah and just adores him). I really forgot how time-consuming a baby can be. I am quite sleep deprived. I don’t think I’ve slept longer than 4 1/2 hours since Noah was born. He sleeps consistently about a 5 hour stretch each night and even pulled a 6 hour stretch a couple of times. I know I need to but I rarely lay down right away when he sleeps. I’m always thinking that I have to take advantage of the time that he sleeps because I can’t seem to get much done when he’s awake. He LOVES to be held which means when you lay him down he cries. Neither of us can handle hearing him cry for very long so I will admit that we hold him a lot. I don’t mind holding him but have found that its nearly impossible to do house hold chores with a baby  in one arm. Thank Heaven for the Ergo Baby Carrier that we got for Christmas from my parents. That thing is a life saver! We can put him in that and he passes out! I told Les that I think he must feel like he’s back in my belly when we put him in that thing.

I often feel like the world revolves around my milk makers…thats what I call my boobs these days. I pump about 4 times a day and nurse Noah once sometimes twice a day. I started mostly pump to bottles the last couple of weeks so that I’m not the only one who can feed him. When I was only nursing him no one could help me. Nursing is very time consuming and not convinient with a 13 yo boy running around the house. So after 4 – 5 weeks of only nursing I started pumping so that we could bottle feed more. Noah has taken to the bottles really well. I was afraid that if we went to bottles he wouldn’t nurse anymore but that doesn’t seem to be a problem at all. Noah loves to eat no matter how he gets it.

So Les and I went back to work 2 weeks ago. I only work Friday and Saturday nights so it wasn’t too tough to go back considering I knew that I would be at home with Noah all week long. Les is working her crazy schedule and taking one final pre-med class. I feel sorry for her sometimes having to juggle all that she does but she’s amazing and some how finds time for it all.

Parenting to full of trial and error. We have no real schedule like we thought we would. We just take it one day at a time and enjoy having our little man in our lives. I promise to write more again soon.

Sending good vibes and lots of well wishes to all of you ladies TTC!