We Survived 8 Months!!!

This little doll keeps getting cuter by the minute! She is 8 months old and is such a busy girl! She crawls all over the place. She loves following us around the house, especially her big brothers. She pulls up on everything! She moves easily around the coffee table and I can tell already that she’s going to be an early walker. I thought about beginning to sabotage her efforts by pushing her down every time she pulled up but decided that wouldn’t be nice. Haha!

She has started saying “Mama mama” and it is the most precious thing ever!  Can you tell how proud I am in this video??? 

She has been battling another tooth. It will make tooth # 3 any day now. Her two little bottom teeth still just make me smile.


She takes her oral hygiene very seriously!   

She is truly a gift. I couldn’t ask for a sweeter baby. I feel so lucky that she is so happy and healthy. Bring on the the next month!


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