Preschool Pro

Our first two days of school went off without a hitch. Noah was so excited to go into the classroom and see his teachers and classmates. He has two teachers and about 15 classmates: The first two days I could barely get a goodbye out of him. He seemed to careless that I was leaving him…

Then came the next Monday. We were headed back to school that morning and he wasn’t happy about it. He started to cry as soon as we pulled in the parking lot…and continued to do so everyday that week. I would help him out of the car and hold his hand as he cried and walked beside me all the way to his class. When we made it to his class the tears didn’t stop they only intensified. He would look at me wave and say “bye-bye” crying through it all. It was the most pitiful goodbye ever. Just heartbreaking. Each day I told myself you’re doing the right thing. Just keep going and it’s going to get better. 

So here we are about to go into our 4th week and we have a whole new attitude. The tears and heartbreaking goodbyes have come to an end. Week three went so well. He seems to finally be in a routine and doing really well with it. I have a feeling that we are going to be preschool pros before Christmas. I’m so excited to see the progress he’s going to make being there. 


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