How can he be three?!?!

Well the day has come that my baby boy isn’t my little baby anymore! Thursday was a BIG day. He turned three and started PreK all in one day. It was much harder on me than it was him. We woke up that morning by singing Happy Birthday, which he loved. We drank our milk and got dressed. He was so excited to put on his backpack and head out the door. I had big brother Nathan snap a quick pictures of us as we headed out for his first day of school! 

He was so excited to see all the other kids as we made our way into the school. We made our way down the colorful hallway filled with artwork and decorated doors. He was mesmerized by everything he saw. When we made it to the preschool room he went right in without any hesitation. He instantly made a friend and started playing with the blocks and trains. I spoke with his teacher briefly and kept watching him hoping for a sign that he needed me or wanted me to stay but that didn’t happen. After 10 mins of just watching him play I finally said I better go. I said Bye-bye Noah wishing and hoping inside that he would be sad and rush over to me wanting me not to leave him but he just popped his head up and said “Bye-bye. See you later!” Haha! He didn’t care one bit that I was leaving him. I was the one that was sad! I was the one that wanted to cry. I did hold it together until I made my way out of the school and back into my car. I had tears rolling down my face as I drove home. My little baby boy was turning into a big boy. 

As sad as I was to leave him I’m thrilled that he loves the class and has already started to make friends. I’m excited to see how being in school will change him and help him develop. Three years have just flown by. I just hope the next year goes by a little slower for my sake!




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