Just Be Real

It’s so easy to pretend that things are wonderful when they’re not. That your life is picture perfect when it’s not. That you’re always happy when you’re not. I’m tired of seeing people put on a show for social media. I know several people that do just that and I find it insanely frustrating. I would love to just tell them “Hey, no need to paint a pretty picture for the world. Just be real”. 

I’ll be the first to tell you my life isn’t perfect. I have bad days. I can be a hot mess. My marriage isn’t perfect. I have very lazy days where my house is a wreck, dishes and clothes are piled high and I don’t feel like doing anything about it. I have days where I’m down. I have days where I’m that I am not easy to live with. 

The reality is that we’re all trying to do our best. Life isn’t a competition. There is no need to compare yourself to anyone else because comparison is a joy killer.   


2 thoughts on “Just Be Real

  1. I know what you mean. Life is hard these days and we just do our best… no energy for more. My blog has turned the other way I think… a bit of a ‘MY LIFE IS TOUGH!!” kind of a rant. But it is and always has been a catharsis for me so I don’t mind so much. Take care lovely mamas.

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