This summer you could say Noah has bloomed! He has made wonderful progress with his speech and development. We were able to transfer his therapies to Nashville and he has transitioned so well! We see his speech therapist twice a week for a hour. And then see the occupational therapist and developmental therapist both once a week for a hour. His schedule keeps us busy and on the go but it’s all very worth it!

 He’s like a little sponge soaking up everything around him. In a few short months he’s gone from less that a handful of words to at least 20 words. He is feeding himself using a fork now and using a spoon with assistance. He can point to some body parts and name them. He can identify animals by pointing them out in a book and make their sounds. We are overjoyed with his progress this summer. Seeing how far he’s come has calmed many of our fears and given us lots of hope for when he starts school in Novemeber. 

Next month he will be evaluated for autism and we look forward to hearing what they think is going on with our little guy. No matter what they tell us we know that he is on the right track and we are doing everything possible to help him succeed.




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