Two Down and Two to Go

Les officially finished her second year of medical school June 24th. We turned around the next day and moved back to middle Tennessee. She will now be finishing her last two years doing clinical work mostly in the hospital setting. Her core rotations will be in Hopkinsville, KY but she can do the majority of her selectives and electives here in Nashville. 

We found out the first week of July that she passed her board exams with flying colors. I was so very proud of her and all the time that she put into studying for them. Those scores are the ones that will help determine which residency program she will get matched to. At this point we know the likelihood of us being in middle Tennessee or even within driving distance is pretty slim but honestly I think I’m ready for a big change. Living in East Tennessee was such a wonderful adventure. But we’re so excited to be back close to family and friends. So we will enjoy being here for the next two years while she finishes out the final two years of school.

Finding a place to live wasn’t quite as easy as we had thought it would be. We moved into a studio apartment behind my grandparents home  while we searched for housing. Six weeks later and we’re still there! Free is always fantastic but living with 2 adults and 2 babies in the size of extra large hotel room can be a little crowded. (Nathan has been living at my parents for the summer. We didn’t leave him behind.😊) We finally decided to just move into a three bedroom apartment since we’ve had no luck finding a house to rent. We move in this Friday and I’m looking forward to being back in a routine, being in our own space and having all of us under one roof again.



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