A Few of My Favorite Things…

1. Instagram. 

I am admittedly addicted to Instagram. I love finding Lesbian and Gay Families to Follow. Sure FB is fine and I still have an account but I rarely use it. I hate all the ramblings of angry people and politics so I try to stay away. Now Instagram on the other hand is so easy and happy. I follow gay and lesbian families from all over and I love it. Seeing all of these beautiful families makes me so happy. Not to mention I post pictures of our adorable kiddos all the time on there. ☺️ If you’re on IG find me! @mbessterrell 


2. Baby wearing. 

Quinn loves to be held and with a toddler on the run its impossible to get anything done when your arms are tied up holding a baby so my answer to this is babywearing. My two favorite carriers are my original ergo baby and my palm pond ring sling. The ergo is great for walks or wearing her for extended periods of time. The ring sling is great for around the house and running into the store. I don’t leave the house without either one of them. Quinn loves both of them and I don’t think I could function without wearing her!



3. Tello Films with Onemorelesbian.com 

I recently received a message from one of their reps asking me to check out their site and I’m so glad I did! Tello films produces web series geared toward the lesbian viewer. I’ve been able to watch several of their Original pieces and I’m hooked. “I Kissed a Girl” is my favorite!!! It’s a documentary series about girls first kisses with other girls and I love it! I love hearing the stories of how different lesbians came to realize that they were gay. It is so much fun to watch something that you can completely relate to. Below I’m adding a link to their site so you can check out the series I’m talking about. Hope you will take the time to take a look and enjoy it as much as I have.



4.  Reading.

I had forgotten until recently how much I loved to read. I suppose now that I have 3 kids my free time for reading is limited but I found myself taking the time to read at night before bed, when the kids are napping and at work. I had forgotten how it feels to get lost in a book. How it feels to fall in love with a character and their story. So currently I’m reading Wild by Cheryl Strayed and I really like it but I would love to have more books lined up to read. I need suggestions! 



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