We Survived Month Two

So easy to get behind when life is  hectic…. Month two just flew by!  


She was less than thrilled about taking her picture this month. Haha. (no babies were hurt in the making of this photo)

She seems to change everytime we blink and we just love her so much! She can hold her head up and smile. She still loves to eat, if you couldn’t already tell by her weight and little rolls! ☺️ She loves loves loves to be held still. There are days that I have to wear her around the house in the sling or ergo baby just to get anything done. 

Noah still pretends she doesn’t exsist or cries when I try to get him to hold her. But on a few occasions I’ve caught him smiling at her or touching her head and it melts my heart! I know that once she gets bigger and a little more interesting he’ll enjoy having her around.





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