It’s A….

Finally hit the half way mark. We had our 20 week appt and ultra sound earlier this week. We asked the ultrasound tech not to tell us the sex but to put it in a envelope for us so we could look at it later. Everything looked great at the appt. Baby is perfect size and everything is moving along smoothly.
Right after our appt Les and I drove to the park where we nervously looked at the envelope. She asked what do you think…I said “I think it’s a boy”. She opens the envelope and laughed out loud before saying, IT’S A GIRL!!! Of course we hugged and cried tears of joy. I think we’re both still in a shock. Excited and nervous all at the same time!!!
We announced it to the Instagram and Facebook world today with pumpkins!


Can’t believe we’ll be meeting this little lady in 5 short months. We have lots to learn in the little girl department. We have no names yet either. Can’t seem to agree on anything so we may have to take her home as Baby Girl Terrell. Haha!

~ M


19 thoughts on “It’s A….

  1. so sweet!!! CongratS!!! I love the envelope idea. My wife and I can’t agree on names either. We’ve just stopped even trying over the last couple of weeks. lol

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