All is Well

We had such an amazing summer and we are sad that it has come to an end. Forgot to post some pictures from our Family Vacation with my family in Sandestin, Florida. We had such an amazing trip. Beautiful weather and beautiful beaches. Noah loved the beach. It was a little taxing to constantly chase after him on a crowded beach but we managed. I think next year will be much easier to control him.











I feel like a bit of a slacker for being so behind on posting an update. But all is well. I’m 12 weeks along and nothing exciting to tell. Had our first ultrasound at 8 weeks and our little nugget was perfect. Great heartbeat and perfect size. We’ve been able to find the heartbeat at home a few times too using our Doppler. Just love hearing that sweet sound.


Les and Nathan are back in school. Les is in her second year of Med School and they don’t give them a second to breath now that they’re back. They started off with a bang and she’s been busy busy busy. Nate started school a few days behind Les and we are officially in high school!!! Can’t believe he’s a freshman! Time just flies. At his new school they dress up on the first day of the week each week. So he looked so grown up on his first day of high school.



Noah is growing growing and into everything! He always has me laughing. I don’t think it’s possible to love a little human anymore than we love him.









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