Mothers Day

As much I would love to say that Mothers Day is one of my favorite days I can’t. Now don’t get me wrong I enjoy Mothers Day and the precious little cards and homemade gifts I’ve received over the years from Nathan. But generally I spend a lot of time worrying on Mothers Day. I worry about the people I know that have lost their mothers. I worry about friends that are estranged from their mothers simply because they are who they are. The mothers I know and many that I don’t who that have lost their children. The women who desperately want to be mothers and it hasn’t happened for them. I worry about all the women who don’t enjoy Mothers Day and it makes me sad. So in the past I’ve tried to send some encouraging word to some of the women I know that have a hard time on Mothers Day. It is just one day and it’s gone in a blink.
So as much as I worry, I do promise that I will enjoy my simple Mothers Day with my sweet little family. I will be thankful for how blessed I am to have an amazing mother that loves me, accepts me, and supports me. I will be thankful for my beautiful boys and how they fill my heart with so much joy.

This is my mom and my boys. Love her to no end.




6 thoughts on “Mothers Day

  1. I totally understand what you are saying. I sure hope you have a nice Mother’s Day anyway, in spite of the worry – I think we all have that same worry, so together we can lift up the women we love in our community who are not yet mothers and surround them in peace and love.

  2. So true. Two years ago I was in a very different space regarding Mother’s Day. It’s good to be reminded of and think about people in those positions, but still celebrate that we are here. Happy Mother’s Day to you and your wife!

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