Easter Photo Shoot

Our little guy had his first little photo shoot with live animals…of course we didn’t catch him smiling in any of them but at least he didn’t cry!

ne1 ne4

Noah loved the fake carrots that came along with the bunny shots. He kept trying to eat them!

ne6 ne7

He really liked the chicks but they kept running away from him, Ha! He smiled and laughed at them when they first brought them out but as soon as the photographer started to shoot no smiles for the camera. Of course!

ne8 ne10

The little lamb was adorbale…I think Noah may have thought it was a dog. As you can see from the pictures he barely paid it any attention.


So no smiling pictures but I still love them! He couldn’t have been more handsome in his Easter outfit!





9 thoughts on “Easter Photo Shoot

  1. Oh my gosh, I love this! How adorable! Now I’m going to be on the hunt for someone to do spring animal pictures next year. 😉 Noah is such a beautiful toddler (and so grown up)! Thank you for sharing!

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