End 2013… Begin 2014

I’m running a little behind in updating the blog so here’s a flash back to December. It was a wonderful month. Les had 20 days off from Med School and that was such a nice change of pace. We packed up and spent the majority of our break living out of our suitcases. We stayed with my parents, visited Les’s parents in Memphis and also made time to spend a few nights with friends. Christmas was great. Noah still had no clue what was going on. He loved the paper more than any of the presents. But overall it was a very relaxing break from our normal go, go, go routine. We were so glad to spend some quality time with all of our family and friends but when Jan 2nd rolled around we were ready to get back home to the mountains and get back into our routine.

2495 2497 2498 Noah loved Santa. I wasn’t sure how he would react to be sat down in the lap of stranger with a big white beard but he loved him. Not even a squirm to get down. I think he would have stayed with him if we would have let him!

06150134 06150145 06150146 06150156 We took Noah down to the Gap at the beginning of December and I happen to get a few great shots of him!

IMG_7658 Noah’s dollar store jump rope has become one of his favorite things to play with!

IMG_7664 IMG_7705 Giving Nana kisses!

IMG_7708 Quick family photo.

IMG_7733 Silly boy! He loved rocking in the rocking chair that belonged to me and my brother and sister when we were kids.

IMG_7933 IMG_7938

Noah loved hanging out with his friend Scarlett.

IMG_7825  This is just a peek at Noah’s love for wrapping paper.


The day after Christmas was warm enough to play outside and Grandma and Granddaddy’s house had a back yard full of leaves and interesting things to see.

IMG_7762 Yes folks! We got our first tooth! 13 months old and finally a tooth!!!

With 2013 ending its time to make all those New Year’s resolutions for 2014. I usually don’t make any resolutions but this year I did make a short list of things I would like to do.

1.  Go on a Mini-Vacation with just me and the wife. We haven’t taken time for just us two in a long time and its way overdue!

2. Spend more quality time as a family. Family dinner’s around the table, game night, movie night etc…

3. Read More!

4. Learn to sew. Les bought me my first sewing machine for Christmas…so excited to figure that thing out!

5. Excercise more. Lose the last bit of “baby weight” that I have on board.

6. Volunteer more.

7. Organize, organize, organize!

Okay that’s just some highlights of my 2014 List of Things To Do.

I have a feeling that 2014 is going to be a great year. Excited to see what new adventures it will bring!

And thought I should throw in a few pictures from January…IMG_8115 IMG_8108 IMG_8105 IMG_8078 IMG_8003 IMG_8044


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