12 Months Old

We blinked and it was here…time to do his 12 Month board. First of all I can’t believe that I actually managed to keep up with it and do it every month. I am so happy that I did.

So at 12 Months Noah weighs in at 21.8 pounds and is 29 inches.

He loves….
*Walking everywhere he goes. Now when he walks it’s rarely in a straight line but he’s pretty steady on his feet. So funny to see him wandering around now because it truly makes him a toddler instead of a baby.
*Pulling off his socks. I barely get them on his feet and he manages to get them back off. I’m beginning to think he thinks of it as a game we’re playing.
*Playing with leaves. Why spend any money on toys when a leaf will keep him entertained for a hour!
*Waving when he wants to. He has finally mastered waving but rarely does it on command. I’ll ask him to wave and he won’t. He’ll look at me like I’m crazy but if I look away and then look back he’ll be doing it! Little rascal!
*Watching Nate play basketball. He’s his brother’s number 1 fan! He claps and yells. He does get distracted by the pretty cheerleaders at times but he loves going to the games. I think we may have a little athlete on our hands!




8 thoughts on “12 Months Old

  1. I love seeing the pictures every month and hearing what he’s up to! I hope we’ll be as good as you all with keeping up with the board and photos. Happy 12 months, Noah!

  2. I just love your monthly updates, your son is too cute! A year goes fast, doesn’t it. I am headed to the two year mark and I am just completely beside myself! 🙂

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