Noah’s Monster Bash

Its amazing the difference a year can make. There are a whole mix emotions when it comes to Noah turning one. It makes me sad that he is not a little baby anymore. It makes me happy to celebrate the best year of our lives with an amazing little boy. It makes me excited for the future. I can’t wait to see what he’ll do next.

Planning his birthday party was so much fun. I was inspired by Pintrest and eventually decided on a Monster Bash Theme. So many awesome ideas and it took a whole week to  make all the decorations but I loved every minute of it!


We threw the party at my parents house and invited all of our closest friends and family to come celebrate with us. We had such a great time.

IMG_7300 IMG_7288 IMG_7301 06530008

IMG_7298 06530024 06530022 06530014 06530012 06530013 06530021 06530019

I painted letters. I made signs with construction paper. I created felt monsters stuffed with cotton balls and pieced together with a glue gun. I felt so crafty! I all came together so nicely!

06530047 06530027 06530007 06530004

Our little cutie showed up to the party with his awesome bow tie!

06530073 0653008006530085IMG_7304 06530096 06530095 06530099 IMG_7315We weren’t sure how he would do with the smash cake but as you can see despite the slow start he really got into it!

06530132 06530126 06530124 06530116 06530111 06530110 06530141 06530140 06530137

We had such an awesome time celebrating our little monster!

IMG_7326 IMG_7331


6 thoughts on “Noah’s Monster Bash

  1. Oh Missy! You gals did such an amazing job – kudos on flexing those crafty muscles. I love how colorful everything was and I especially love the little googly eyes that hung from his highchair and the stuffed monsters you handmade. You really thought of everything. Noah is such a blessed birthday boy to have two moms who love his so much! Happy birthday little man. 🙂

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