11 Months Old


Noah turned 11 months old October 12th and here we are a day away from this month being over.

He weighs 20.8 lbs which is no different from last month but he grew an inch and a half! He is now 28 1/2 inches tall!


I CAN…..

Take Several Steps~ Wobbly for sure but he’s getting better each day!

Give Great Kisses~ They are wet and he doesn’t always give them on command but they are so sweet when he does!

Clap My Hands~ My favorite thing he’s learned so far. Been working hard on this one. He holds one had still and strums the other but it’s clapping to us!


Watching Musicals.~ His favorite is Hairspray.

The Vacuum Cleaner. ~ Cleaning the floor has never been so exciting. He just squeals and claps! He’s my biggest fan. Ha!

Playing with Magnet Letters.~ I spend a lot of time picking up little magnet letters off the floor than I do anything else. He leaves a trail wherever he goes.


Such a fun month of firsts. Just when I think I couldn’t love him anymore another day happens and I just adore him more and more. I thank God every day for blessing us with such a sweet baby boy.

4 thoughts on “11 Months Old

  1. I love seeing your updates each month. All of a sudden it seems, Noah is looking like a toddler! I’m just starting to glimpse that overwhelming feeling of being blessed with a little boy. So happy for you all!

    • Thank you! This first year has just flown by and I can barely bring myself to say he’ll be one soon! And he looks more like a toddler now for sure. When your little one arrives cherish the time that he’s tiny bc it will fly by!

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