Nine Months of Noah

IMG_5919 IMG_5948 IMG_5949

Nine wonderful Months with Noah.

Our monthly photo shoot was fun. I would try to get his attention and he wanted to move all over the place. Finally I called Nathan in to help me. Noah kept wanting to erase his board with his little fingers.

He is such a sweet and happy boy. We all just love him to pieces! It’s amazing how it just flies by. He is getting so big and seems like he’s doing something new each week!

Nine Months Old weighing in at 20.4 lbs.

He can…

*Crawl really fast! Oh boy can he move! He is fast as lightning and always into something! He follows me around the house and surprisingly can keep up really well. When he really wants to go fast he puts his head down and barrels forward…now of course this has led to him running into quite a few things but he still doesn’t quite put the two together yet.

*Eat some finger foods. This was big month for trying new foods. He is learning to pick foods up and put them in his mouth. Most of it ends up on the floor but practice makes perfect so that’s what we’re trying to do. At each meal I start out with at least one finger food and let him finish it before starting with his other food. He seems to like the cereal, yogurt melts, avocado, watermelon, and bananas the most.

*Reach out to be held. This is by far my favorite new thing he’s doing! Love to see him reach up for me to pick him up! Makes me melt!

*Follow my big brother Nathan. Such a sweet thing to watch. He will follow Nathan all over the house! He goes into his room looking for him when he’s gone to school. He just LOVES him so much. Too precious!

*Laugh and squeal! He laughs some but squeals most of the time. He is super noisy these days. I think he’s going to be a big talker. If he’s awake he’s “talking” and making noise. If he’s quite then I worry…that means he’s either found the cat food again or is licking a flip-flop! Ha!


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