Eight Months Old

Wow! Talk about being late! Its almost time for his 9 month update and I am just now getting around to posting Noah’s 8 month Update. But better late than never!

IMG_5653 IMG_5655

July 12, 2013 Noah is officially 8 months old and weighs 19.6lbs

*Pulling up on everything.  Oh boy this couldn’t be more true! He pulls up on anything he can get his hands on. He has taken several tumbles because of this too. He obviously doesn’t have the skill set to judge how steady an object is that he is using to pull him self up on and often chooses unsteady items. Most recently he has decided to use people’s pants to help himself up and normally thats not a bad thing except when you are wearing pajamas pants. I happen to wear pajama pants that are loose and when he tries to pull up on them he manages to pull them down to the floor in an instant. We have nicked named him the shanker and I am glad no one has been around to witness him doing this one! Ha!

*Eating yogurt. Yummy. Yummy. Yummy. We introduced baby yogurt to him this month and he LOVES it. He can down a whole cup in a matter of mins. I can’t seem to shovel it in fast enough. He’s just waiting with his mouth open like a little bird for his next bite! So precious!

*Watching Sesame Street.  In the past months we were in a routine of watching Disney Junior in the mornings then turning the TV off but recently we starting watching Sesame Street in the afternoons. This new edition to our routine has been a hit! He thinks Elmo is so funny! He just laughs and laughs at all the monsters. He loves when the kids talking to the monsters. He watches them so intently like they are in the room with him!

*Going to the swimming pool. This new love comes as no surprise, considering how much he has loved his baths. We have enjoyed going to the pool during these hot July days to cool off and Noah gets so excited when he sees the water. He has his own lounger floatie and can’t seem to get enough of the water!

*Playing with the TV Remote. Man does he ever LOVE the remote for the TV. I think he thinks of it as a game we play. If I leave it in his reach an alarm must go off notifying him. He makes a bee line for it! I’ve tried buying him a toy remote or giving him an old one and he knows the difference. He’s not fooled by the decoys. He knows which one works and he’s not falling for those tricks. Haha!

Such a fun age. He is all of the place and into everything. Each day is full of little laughs and new adventures. Never a dull moment with our 8 month old little mover. Just can’t imagine him being any sweeter or loving him any more.



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