A is for Adoption Day!

Last week we finished up our Home Study and our attorney filed our petition for adoption with the courts. We were really hoping that it would be in time for us to get on the July 9th docket but unfortunately that didn’t happen. There is only one judge that does the adoptions in our county and he was out of the office so he did not get the documents signed in time for us to make it happen for the month of July. It was disappointing that we have to wait another month to finish the adoption but the upside is that our adoption is now scheduled to be finalized on August 6th, which just happens to be Leslie’s Birthday! What an amazing birthday present for her! I am so excited to have this complete! Such a huge weight lifted. Noah will finally have both Les and I legally recognized as his moms. It will be a great day for us as a family. I’m going to have to plan a huge celebration for Adoption Day to celebrate Les and the fact that this process is finally over!IMG_5367


9 thoughts on “A is for Adoption Day!

  1. BEST BIRTHDAY PRESENT EVER! What are the chances that you just missed the deadline and the big day ended up landing on Les’ birthday? Fate, I think yes. I can’t wait to be where you guys are now. We’re just at the starting line but it’s great to know someone that has gone through the process. Proof that it can be done! Congrats 🙂

    • My thoughts exactly! It will be a birthday that she’ll never forget. I’m excited that you’re getting started with the process too! : )

    • Thank you So much! I am so honored that you enjoy my blog! I have to admit that I have blog envy bc you do such an amazing job with yours! Ha!

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