Step in the Right Direction!

June 26th will go down as a day that America took a step forward. It was a great step towards equality. The United States Supreme Court ruled that DOMA (Defense of Marriage Act) is unconstitutional and Prop 8 in California was struck down. Now marriage equality has returned to the State of California and LGBT couples in the 13 states that recognize gay marriage will receive federal benefits. I spent the day glued to the television. I cried and I cheered. I think the last time I felt that much joy was the day Noah was born.

Even though Leslie and I were legally married in Massachusetts back in 2011 we live in Tennessee a state that does not recognize gay marriage. Because of this we will not be receiving federal benefits yet. So while its time to celebrate these two victories we have to remember that there are still 37 states where we aren’t viewed as equal. The fight is not over but it is such a huge step in the right direction.

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