Half of a Year Old


Noah is Half a Year Old! Time is flying by. Oh I love this little boy so much! He has truly changed our lives. He is such a happy boy. He smiles and laughs all the time. He brings so much joy to our family. It’s impossible to look at his sweet smile and not smile back. He has lifted our spirits and makes us all so happy.

So at six months Noah LOVES…

Sitting up on his own. Occasionally he will fall over but for the most part he is sitting like a Pro!

Jumping in his jumpy seat! Oh boy! The jumpy seat is Noah’s favorite thing to do. He starts jumping before you even get him in it! He is so happy when he’s jumping. It’s amazing how much I can get done with him in that thing!

Chewing on my toys! Teething is in full effect! If he can grab it then you can bet he will try to put it in his mouth.

Watching Ellen. We DVR Ellen everyday and as soon as we turn it on Noah will turn to watch her talk. He will sit so quietly just watching her! Oh it’s so cute!

Eating Peas, mangos, bananas, and apples. He is such a great eater! A few weeks ago I started making all of his baby food. It is a learning process but Noah is a great eater.

It’s amazing how much they can change from month to month.


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