5 Months Old



Posting Noah’s 5 month update a little late but this has been a crazy couple of weeks. Noah is such a joy. He has some new loves now that he is 5 months old.

…eating fruit! Apples, Pears, Bananas, and Peaches are our current favs. I can’t seem to feed him fast enough. He gets really huffy and fusses when I don’t get the spoon back to his mouth…he can down a whole bowl of fruit with a little oatmeal in no time!

…his feet! If they aren’t covered you can bet he’s holding them. He’s even managed to get his toes in his mouth.

…rolling over! Noah is a rolling machine. Diaper changes are more difficult now and there is no more unattended naps on the couch or bed.

…being tickled! Oh boy! We have one ticklish little one on our hand. He laughs when you tickle his tummy, under his chin and his feet!

…strolling in the park! Now that spring and sprung we are out and strolling almost daily. If Noah is fussy or restless I can strap him in his stroller and before we’ve made it out of the driveway his content!

…babbling and squealing! Talk about cute! It is cutie overload when he starts babbling on and on. He gets excited and squeals so loud! He has us all laughing all the time now that he’s so vocal!


8 thoughts on “5 Months Old

  1. Haha, that scarf is too darn cute! I would totally rock it if it came in my size. What a big boy eating solids and rolling over. As a mama who let her baby roll off the bed not once, but twice… It’s great that you’re supervising his couch/bed time. It’s amazing, one day they can’t do something and the next day it’s like BAM, look at what I can do!

    I love the little signs you make for him. 🙂

    • We love the scarfs too! They’re called bandana bibs and we got them on Etsy! They stylishly help control all of the drooling! And now that we’re teething we need them desperately!
      I let Nathan roll off the couch a few times…and he survived! Ha!

  2. We just love this little man! He is growing quickly. Cannot wait to schedule another dinner ate with him and his moms!! Lo e you all

  3. Such a super cute picture! I remember Punky getting her toes in her mouth, she now, still sucks on them and bites them occasionally. I’m excited to tell future boyfriends/girlfriends all about her toe sucking baby days! 😉

    • Haha! I haven’t uploaded it yet but have a picture of him with his foot in his mouth! So funny! If his feet aren’t covered up their in his hands.

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