A month of firsts in March

Noah has had many firsts in the month of March!

First time eating fruit. We started with the P’s at the advice of our pediatrician. Pears, peaches, plums and prunes. We’ve added in apples and boy is he a good eater! Fruits have been a huge hit mixed in with his oatmeal and even by themselves!

Our first vacation led to many firsts for Noah. Well the obvious is that he went on his first Family Vacation. We went to Longboat Key, Florida. Experienced his first time on a beach. Huge hit! He didn’t mind the sand or cold ocean water on his feet. He just stood and watched the water go back and forth. It was so cute how he just squealed everytime the water came up! He experienced his first time in a swimming pool and hot tub. Our friends home had a private pool with a hot tub in their courtyard. It was shaded and temperature controlled so we were able to heat the pool and set a reasonable temp for the hot tub. I think Noah might have mistaken the hot tub for a giant bath tub. He just loved it! He floated on his back with my hand under his head and stayed relaxed the whole time. It was so sweet! Our favorite first on this vacation was our trip to the Mote Aquarium and Laboratory. We had such a good time there! He fell asleep half way through it, of course but when he was awake he really did like it! He was so intrigued with the fish in the tanks swimming around! So much fun to watch!

We’ve found our feet! Oh my… I had no idea how much he would love those two appendages. Every time I sit him on the changing table to change his diaper he grabs them and holds on tight. He holds them in the tub. He holds them anytime that you don’t have socks on them. So cute! IMG_3643 IMG_3682

We had our first Easter! Of course Noah had no clue that it was Easter but we did. We had so much fun buying stuff for his Easter basket and buying him a cute outfit to wear. There were a few set backs…the outfit was too big and it ended up being a rainy rainy weekend. The rain prevented us from enjoying the traditional Easter Egg hunt but we still dressed up for our big family dinner. My sister had everyone over to her house this year and Noah being the cutie pie that he is, was the center of attention!

March was such a great month! Can’t wait to see what April will bring!


4 thoughts on “A month of firsts in March

  1. Such great pictures! I love the one of Noah floating in the hot tub. It sounds like you had a great 1st family vacation and those Easter pictures… Can the boys be any more adorable! Happy April 🙂

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