Four Months Old

Noah has had a great month. His little personality is really coming through and I can tell you that this little boy is such a sweetheart! He is a happy happy baby. My favorite thing is that he recognizes us now. There is nothing like seeing his face light up when I talk to him. He started really getting excited every time he would see me first and it made Les quite jealous. I kept telling her it was because I was at home with him all day every day and that he would soon react like that to her too. Well a couple of weeks later and she getting the same reaction that I do.

We finally took pictures with his board today.


Bath time is still probably my favorite time of day because he loves it so much. He just splashes and splashes. He’s always so excited to just go in the bathroom he must think its time!

Watching Mickey Mouse! Oh my goodness does he ever love Mickey. He hears his voice on TV and will turn to find him. In the mornings he’ll watch a whole episode of Mickey Mouse Playhouse, which is just long enough for me to get some things done around the house.

Looking at himself in the mirror is the cutest thing to watch. He just smiles and squeals at himself. So funny and sweet!

He loves to stand up in your lap. He wants to stand all the time. His little legs are solid! We keep joking that he will skip the crawling and go straight to walking.

Eating oatmeal is one of our new favorite things! Took a few days to get the hang of it but we have one full and happy boy now!



7 thoughts on “Four Months Old

  1. That smile is too adorable! Mickey Mouse Playhouse is one of Gracie’s favorite shows too. Just wait until you find yourself singing the “Hot Dog” song when you’re not even watching the show, lol!

    Happy 4 months Noah 🙂

  2. So adorable! I will say we haven’t actually done Mickey Mouse in our house. It’s weird. Peyton doesn’t know who Mickey Mouse is. But, she did love the bathtub at that age! 🙂 It’s so super cute to watch.

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