Our 3 Month Birthday…a Quarter of a Year Old

Time is flying by! Noah is 3 months old. A Quarter of a Year Old! I can’t believe how much he’s grown. He is such a sweetheart and we are both smitten with him. He wakes up so happy each morning. He just smiles, squeals and laughs. He swings his arms around with no sense of control and kicks his legs like he has somewhere he’s trying to go. It is so funny to watch. He loves to bounce and stand up. He is so strong. We often joke that he’s going to skip crawling and start walking. Ha!

He is so much fun but takes a lot of work to keep him happy. He has a 10 min attention span. He will lay on his activity mat, sit in his bumbo seat, watch TV but 10 mins is his max. During the day I have a hard time getting anything done while he’s awake. I usually wait until he’s napping or down for the night to really get things done. I’ve found that its impossible to round up laundry or do the dishes in under 10 mins.



I can sleep 6 hours straight. But that doesn’t happen every night. Most nights I sleep about 5 hours before waking up needing to eat.

I can squeal, laugh and coo. Sometimes I just babble on like I have so much to say! (Cutest thing ever!)

I’m drinking 4 – 5 oz of milk at a time. My momma makes the best stuff ever!

I love to eat my hand because I haven’t found my thumb yet.

I love to go on walks with my mommies…they’ve figured out that 30 mins is my max in the stroller though.

I love to stand up tall.

I weigh 14 lbs!!!

Bath time is still one of my favorite things.

I despise my swing and cry if you put me in it while I’m awake.

I love my Nanna. She makes me smile and laugh.

I love my Me-Me, she can put me to sleep so fast when I’m sleepy and fussy!

I love my Se-Se. She is the best nanny ever. She takes such good care of me when my mommies are away and I love to listen to her sing.



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