Dr. Brown is a Life Saver

After 4 weeks of only breast feeding we introduced the bottle to Noah and it went really well. I am one of the lucky ones who produces ample milk. I try to pump on a schedule to keep my production up. I enjoyed breastfeeding but will admit that bottle feeding has made my life so much easier. I was one that never believed that the bottle you used could make a difference in your babies gassiness. Well let it be noted…I WAS WRONG. I say note that because I am rarely wrong or at least I like to think so. Ha!

We started out using Tommee Tippee bottles. We registered for these after reading great reviews. I loved everything I heard about them and even know someone who uses them and loves them. Well everyone may love them but Noah and his tummy did not love them. It just goes to show how each baby is different. After feeding Noah would just scream and cry for up to an hour sometimes. We were using Gripe Water and other gas drops all the time just to help him through the time after feeding. Les was so upset by this and wanted to find a solution  while I just kept insisting that he was just a gassy baby. Thank goodness that Les didn’t just leave it at that. She was a good proactive mommy and went out and bought us 2 Dr. Brown’s bottles. I wasn’t happy about it at first because we have at least 12 Tommee Tippee in our cabinet that I have ready to be used and we no longer have the boxes for. But I gave in and we tried these new bottles out. Holy Moly. Totally new baby after feedings. Rarely gassy and no screaming like before. Yes, there are a few more parts to clean but I can say that they changed our baby. These bottles are a life saver!


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