16 Weeks to go…Emotions Running Wild

I feel like I have neglected to update my blog lately. I find it hard to write most days. I have writers block or something. But I wanted to let everyone know how things were going. According to my What To Expect Pregnancy App… We have 16 weeks to go. The baby is the size of an Eggplant (I don’t know what a eggplant really looks like so that comparison doesn’t help me)….9 inches and 1.7lbs (Now that I can understand). He loves to move! Les is finally enjoying getting to feel him kick and punch. We never know when its going to happen so she often sits with her hands on my tummy while we’re watching TV or about to fall asleep. I love to see her face when she gets to feel him move…such a sweet moment.

So I’m feeling good other than a list of minor complaints…lots of lower back pain, calf cramps, my side hurting, waking up every hour to pee, daily heartburn, my ankles swelling when I’m on my feet too long, I can barely tie my shoes, shaving is almost impossible and little Noah using my bladder as his trampoline.

I will admit that I’m having trouble being as mobile as I used to be.. at times I feel like a beached whale. My doctor said that gaining about a pound a week is good and I’ve gained 24 lbs so far so I guess I’m right on target according to him. But honestly… I feel like that 24 lbs is more like 50 lbs. I’m doing my best to stay active. I am walking regularly, starting a new prenatal yoga class this weekend and feel like I’m eating well for the most part but geeze carrying all this extra weight around is a workout in itself! Just toting my baby bump should count as a daily workout!

Now to say that I’m Super Emotional and Sensitive would be putting it lightly. It doesn’t take much to turn me into a crying hot mess. Commercials. Songs on the radio. Anything slightly sensitive on television. Lord, I could go on and on about things that make me cry here lately. Les is choosing her words carefully because she’s learned I go over the edge quite easily these days. Ha! I think I’ve cried more in the last few weeks than I have in the entire 5 years she and I have been together. Bless her for putting up with me and my neediness.

Time is just flying by … 24 weeks down and just 16 to go then we’re going to be mommies! Still hard to wrap my mind around the idea of having him here.


8 thoughts on “16 Weeks to go…Emotions Running Wild

  1. YaY! Time has really flown, hey? I will hit 16 weeks on Tuesday which just seems incredible. We have just started preparations – Thai superstition is that you shouldn’t really buy anything till 5months, but we have received some gifts and purchased a baby cot which won’t be arriving for another month… Xx

    • You’re moving right along too! We haven’t bought hardly anything. We’ve bought some clothes but nothing else really. There is so much to do! Ahhh! Hope you’re feeling well!

  2. So happy to hear things are going well. Time is flying! We only have 8 days ’til the due date and I can’t believe how fast it has gone by. Enjoy these last few months!

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