Little Nugget

Friday was a big day. We went to have our first ultrasound! We were so excited and ready to get a glimpse at our little nugget. Not sure what we were expecting but everything still just seemed so unreal. The ultrasound technician called us back and set us up. We were nervous and honestly not sure what to expect. Les was right by my side holding my hand and we were both staring intently at the screen. The ultrasound lady was so sweet. She talked us through what we were seeing step by step; then she said the words we were waiting to hear, “And that right there is your little baby.” It was amazing! So tiny and sweet! The best part was when she focused in right on the baby and another screen pops up and then there it was….. The baby’s heartbeat! It was so fast and so strong! Tears welled up in my eyes and I just squeezed Les’s hand as tight as I could. That was it. Our baby. I cannot put into words the feeling that came over us. Joy and Happiness just don’t seem to say enough. After the ultrasound was over she gave us a strip of the first photos of our little nugget. So excited to show these off.

9 thoughts on “Little Nugget

  1. Thanks for making me smile today. I’ll never forget that amazing feeling that comes with the first ultrasound! So happy for you.

    • I guess I thought it’d be like you said, a little nugget… 🙂 I’m afraid when it’s time I won’t recognize anything on the screen. 🙂 Thank you for sharing!

      • Honestly we had no idea what we were looking at at first… she did a great job talking us through it and pointing everything out! It was a really cool experience.

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