Dip Stick

Well the waiting was unbearable. I gave in on Monday and decided to go ahead and take a test early. I did the whole routine and peed in a cup, which I have become quite a professional at doing I must say… Then I dipped the stick and waited to see the NOT PREGNANT words appear. The stupid thing kept flashing and flashing…I thought for sure it was broken but finally words magically appeared… PREGNANT. I thought my eyes were screwing with me and I wasn’t reading it right. I went into the bedroom and woke Les up. She had worked the night before so she was quite startled by me shoving a pregnancy test in her face saying, “Oh My God read this for me… What does that say?” She rubs her eyes and puts her glasses on…. She looks at it and then looks back at me. “It says you’re Pregnant!” We kept looking at the stick like the words were going to change. The feeling of disbelief came over me. Sweet Lord…this can’t be true. I mean this is what we’ve been wanting and waiting for but REALLY?!?!? Is it really happening?!?!? I’m still in shock 3 days later. I would have never guessed that we would have been successful after our first at home insemination. We were both prepared for several more months of this process. I still can’t believe it. I’m so happy I feel like I could explode!

I’ve been dying to blog about it and let everyone who has been so supportive know our good news but Les wanted me to wait a little bit. She finally gave me the green light today to tell everyone. We have a doctors appointment for Tuesday for conformation But things are looking good. I’ve now taken 3 tests and have had 3 positives results. So I guess its time to let it sink in.

17 thoughts on “Dip Stick

  1. Er – that comment above was from me 🙂 My partner A was logged in, but I am sure she is pleased too! Congratulations you guys! Amazing news! 🙂 Yippeeeeeeeee!

  2. Oh my gosh!! I am so happy for you!! I teared up reading this! Congratulations!!! I will have to get another baby blanket embroidered for this little one!

  3. i can feel your excitement all the way over here – congratulations doesn’t seem to be enough. i’m beyond excited for you both. this is the beginning of such wonderful memories, and your courage and strength to get to this point – is amazing. well, congratulations!

  4. That is absolutely fantastic news!! I’ve been following your progress and wondering how you got on and his is just brilliant! I am so happy for you both! Keep us updated every step of the way! Fingers crossed for us next! xxx

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