You thought wrong…

Just when you think that things are going to be easier you get the news that you thought wrong. I called the clinic last week to schedule an appointment for our donor to come in and donate. They started setting up the appointment and everything seemed to be rolling right along. Then I said to her, “We’ll be doing our next insemination at the end of Feb…everything will be ready by then right?” Well that’s where I was SO wrong. She says to me, “Oh… No, they have to be in Quarantine for 6 months.” There’s that word again….Quarentine. I said, “You have got to be kidding me… 6 Months?” Well she was not joking at all. I didn’t know what else to say so I told her I would call back to set something up once I had talked to Les and processed all of the info.

That news came as a Big Blow. I had no idea that when we decided to use a known donor that we would be looking at not evening being able to use our donor’s donation for half a year.  We can’t wait that long to start trying again. It’s been hard enough having to take a break but I can’t imagine having to wait 6 more months. I don’t know what to do!!!


2 thoughts on “You thought wrong…

  1. Ahhhh – shit… we had the same issue here but were were able to waive it. Did they explain the exact reason to you? our guy had had a negative HIV test for a work medical within the last 6 months, and had not had sex with anyone outside of his (continuing ) relationship. So having the first test at the clinic was like having the second one 6 months later. You might be able to submit a work medical if he’s had one recently? I am not sure how things work in the US, but here rules can sometimes be bent.

    • I was in shock and didn’t ask any questions. Les couldn’t believe that I didn’t at least reply with why. Ha!
      So we are going to go on Monday and talk to someone to see if there is anyway of getting around it if we have the paper work of a Neg HIV test and other blood work required. Lord knows I will lose my shit on them if they say we can’t get around this 6 month wait. I’ll update what we find out. Excited for you guys and the IVF!!! Who knows…We may be headed in that direction soon too!

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