Did That Just Happen?

So the search for a “known donor” has been strange. We kept throwing around the names of a few guys that we knew but didn’t know how to approach the situation with them. Kept thinking about the easiest way to ask “Can we have your Jiz for free please?” We had no idea how to really go about asking. While we tried to figure out how to ask someone we knew I thought why not look on-line too. And…we did find our first donor on-line so why not see if we could find our next donor this way too?

Now this search was not as easy. I had to weed through a lot of crap, came across some really “interesting” sites and couldn’t believe half of what I saw!

There was Co-parent-search.com. Did you know that there are people out there willing to have sex, get pregnant and then raise a baby with a complete stranger! I mean not as a couple but as two people who aren’t even together. Crazy!

Then there was surrogatefinder.com. No kidding there were thousands of people on this site willing to give you their egg or have a baby for you and many sperm donors too but all over seas. People in other countries don’t seem to be as attached to their sperm as American guys I guess.

Oh the best one/ Train Wreck! The private-sperm site. Yes. That’s its name. I want you to know that at this point I was dumbfounded by what I was finding. This site was by far the most thrown together site yet. In their profiles/crappy paragraphs about themselves, many of the guys would say nothing of substance and have no picture either. Now bless the ones that did post a picture….They really shouldn’t have. So most of the guys on the site are wanting to donate “free sperm” to single women or lesbian couples…um yeah about that. The kicker is that Most said they preferred or would only consider NI (natural insemination). Well I’m sure you would like that you jackass but Hell No. There is no chance that I will be sleeping with you in order to have a baby. Just Sick.

So Out of the dozens of websites, I looked at only one that was legit. The site is for Artificial Insemination Donors Only. You key in your search… put in what you are looking for and then there it is a list of guys in our area who are willing to do this for free. Did that just happen?!? It can’t be that easy…there were half a dozen right here in the Nashville area. Now I will admit that there were still several that I right away said “Oh Hell No” but I mean Xytex had some of those guys too. I wasn’t ready to reach out & contact any of the guys yet until Les had a chance to check it out. I had one guy in mind and really loved his profile but still didn’t email him.
Low and behold guess who contacts me to say he would be willing to donate for us…the same guy. Wow…talk about luck.
We corresponded back and forth and I just had a really good feeling about him. His reasons for donating were awesome and unselfish. He did not want to co-parent just wanted to donate. He’s married so in a manogmus relationship is a good sign and his wife is on board with him donating. He’s mentioned that he would be willing to donate to us again in the future if we want to have siblings without me even asking. So we now know that he is the real deal. SO excited that we’ve found one… He’s a healthy, VERY smart, good-looking, & an easy going guy. There is still a lot of work to be done before he can actually go donate but its going to happen! I just have to get the ball rolling.



One thought on “Did That Just Happen?

  1. Well what a turn up! Glad you found someone – i have been through some of those sites and they are awful, and yes, after you contact a man, he often says he wants to do it the old fashioned way – gross! I know it can be complicated with a known donor, but I definitely feel it is right for me… Let us know when you start up again!

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