Third Times a Charm???

I keep hearing the phrase “Third times a charm” when I tell people we’ll be trying again next week and I just wanted to know what in the heck it means. So I used Mr. Google and found the meaning and history of the phrase.

Meaning: The belief that the third time something is attempted is more likely to succeed than the previous two attempts. It is also used as a good luck charm – spoken just before trying something for the third time.

History: Beginning in the 19th century, the most common reason alludes to the belief that, under English law, anyone who survived three attempts at hanging would be set free.

So yes we are hoping to survive this time. Well not survive a hanging of course but hoping that we are successful with our baby-making process. We have our scheduled appointments for early Monday and Tuesday morning. Two days of back to back insemination… I’m not sure if I’ll be able to handle all the excitement. I know there is bound to be some craziness to tell so stay tuned…


2 thoughts on “Third Times a Charm???

  1. I was once asked what I was doing and I answered, “hanging out” the guy answered, “Rope or hammock?” heres hoping your third hanging is the hammock variety

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