Already Blessed

Wow! Not sure where to begin this blog. I  guess the first thing I want to say is thank you to so many of you for your sweet words and support. We feel so blessed to have so many people cheering us on. The love that everyone has shown us is just overwhelming. When I started the blog I honestly never thought that people would want to read it, let alone enjoy it! So thanks for being a part of our journey and for supporting us.

Well for our latest news…Yesterday I started my period… so it’s for sure. I’m not preggers yet. I totally saw it coming though. I was an emotional wreck all weekend partially because of the lack of sleep and watching all the tributes to 9/11 victims, but overall I was just in a funk and that isnt normal for me. So I knew it was on its way.

Yeah yeah I know its disappointing for some of you to hear, but honestly I was not surprised. Like I said in the blog where I told you that we had inseminated, I really did not feel like that was it and I did not get my hopes up. Now Leslie on the other hand had a really hard and extremely stressful weekend so when I told her, she took it pretty hard. I hated to let her down, but I know she’s okay now and ready to keep moving on.

So with all that said I’ve felt like I needed to say how lucky we are already. We are excited about the possibility of becoming mommies of a new baby but I’ve made a promise to myself to never forget that Leslie and I are already blessed to have the experience of raising a child. I have an 11 yr old son, Nathan, that Leslie has helped me raise for four years now. He always keeps us super busy and even though it isn’t his fault, he seems to keep us somewhat separated from the lesbian community. Now it’s not because he doesn’t like lesbians because his last two girl crushes have been on friends of ours that are lesbians and he loves to hang out with our friends. But the reason he keeps us at a distance is due to the fact that it is still not acceptable to bring your kid to a bar! Really? Come on! I tried multiple times to pass him off as a little person and it hasn’t yet to work! Ha! No really I’m kidding…We wouldn’t take him to the bar with us even if we could! But the reality is that the majority of our friends don’t have children and our friends that are trying to have babies don’t already have children either. So I’ll refuse to let it get me down if I don’t end up pregnant because I am a mom, Leslie is a step-mom and we are already so blessed.

Thanks again for all the support! Insemination #2 here we come!



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