Now I Know Why Patience is a Virtue

Well we finally did it. Its taken me a week to write about it but it was kinda a sensitive topic around the house because Les wasn’t sure how she felt about me announcing to the world that we had tried. She is worried that it will be harder on us if it doesn’t happen and everyone knows. I understand her concern but at the same time it is part of this journey and that is why I’m writing this.

We had our first insemination last week! SOOOOO Exciting! Honestly I think we were in total disbelief that it was really happening. I was really stressing prior to it. We picked up our vial at the storage office and I signed for it and the lady hands it to me in a bag with a rubber band around it and says “here stick it in your bra where it is touching your skin.” I think the look I gave her when she said that must have shown her that I was really blown away by this statement and I needed an explanation for why she was asking me to do this. Ummm I believe that it is a very strange way to transport the vial but they ask you to do this bc the vial needs to be kept at body temperature before the insemination. On the drive over to see our 3rd Wheel, Leslie says “How funny is it that you have jiz in your shirt right now?” Ha! Not funny at all…well just a little…but overall it’s just strange!

So we get to the 3rd Wheel’s office and his nurse takes us back to a room and tells us that he’ll be there soon, he’s at the hospital delivering a baby : ) **(Side note: Our 3rd wheel, Dr. Macey, is the sweetest thing in the world, when he found out we were ovulating he made time to see us even though it was a day that he doesn’t even see patients in his office. He called us himself to say that he was excited to see us and do the insemination. )** Waiting in the exam room I was super nervous! Les kept saying “calm down” and then suggested that I do some yoga to help me relax. So taking her advice in the middle of the exam room I started doing several of my favorite poses and slowly I felt my tense muscles loosening up and my body beginning to relax. Luckily the nurse didn’t come in during this little spectacle…. could you imagine her walking in while I’m in the middle of my downward dog pose?!? Now that would be really awkward! Well, probably not considering what she looks at all day.

Twenty minutes pass and then there is a knock at the door! It’s him! He’s here! He goes over whats going to happen. Then he tells us that he’ll be back in just a few mins and we’ll get started. When he comes back in he say that our jiz looks good and they’re all swimming! Now, I gotta lay down and assume the position. Leslie stayed right next to me holding my hand. Awww… how sweet…. I know : ) He says he has to move really slow so that he doesn’t upset the uterus. He tells us when he’s made it through the cervix and lets us know that he’s going to start slowly moving forward making “little deposits” as he goes. Nice terminology there Dr Macey…”little deposits”…his words not mine. Less that 10 mins later he says that he is all finished. He tells me not to move and to stay there on the table for at least 15 mins. He flattens out the exam table and then lays my head down even more and raises my legs up…T-berg for you medical folks out there…then he wishes us the best and says he’ll talk to us soon. We look at each other and say wow! That was it! That is what we have been thinking about and planning for so long. We both agreed that it wasn’t nearly as intimate and emotional as we would have liked but then again when you have the 3rd Wheel in the room….

So here we are a week away from knowing if we had success. I am almost convinced at this point that I am not. No signs or anything but just convinced that this wont be the time that we get pregnant. I’m not being negative Nancy…I’m just trying to be Realistic Ruby bc it is very rare for it to happen on the first try. So now I know why they say that patience is a virtue and its a virtue that I just do not possess. We still have a week to go before we know anything and I’m going crazy just wanting to know already!



7 thoughts on “Now I Know Why Patience is a Virtue

  1. What a great blog! You know, the funny thing is, whether you are gay or straight, Trying to Conceive is so much harder than just gettin’ knocked up (lol! Like you, I’ve done it both ways and the unplanned way was soo much easier). I hope everything works out. I’m following your blog because it makes such a contrast to my current pregnancy (14 weeks, 5th time, totally unplanned, baby number four is only 9 months old) and it seems like such a madcap and wonderful adventure. And you never know, you could get lucky on the first go. My husband couldn’t believe it when I told him we were expecting again six months after the last one was born- “But we only did it once – how can we be pregnant?!!” Well, honey, let me take you back to high school sex ed class, lol! All the best, ladies!

    • Thanks so much! Baby number 5… Wow…I can’t imagine…I just have one and we stay so busy can’t imagine 5. Wishing you all the best! You’re going to be a very busy mommy! I’ll be keeping up with your story too.

  2. Hey, I want to wish you good luck. We are 2 days away from our first try, we are trying 3 days in a row, my most 3 fertile days. Meighan keeps reminding me to stay calm but my nerves are starting to take over little more each day, Yoga seems to work so I will definitely try that for myself. Stay positive! Ill be keeping you in my baby energy thoughts!

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