3 Out of 4 is BAD

The ball is rolling and buying our units was so exciting. We received confirmation that they had been shipped and we were looking forward to its arrival. We picked up the tank from FedEx and by the way the tank that is holding tiny little vials weighs a ton! It looks like a time capsule or a tank that belongs to NASA! Crazy, huh?! Also interesting… Xytex chooses not to be very discreet about their packaging arrangement. I was quite surprised to see the FedEx guy walking up to the desk with a large white box with Xytex written in HUGE letters with cryo and tissue bank underneath on 2 sides of the box! I was trying to act like this was completely normal for him to be handing me a box with our units of jiz in it. I kept thinking to myself as I was signing the delivery confirmation, “does this guy know what Xytex is?” and “is he going to ask me what is in the box?” Thank goodness he didn’t because I’m not sure how I would have responded. Awkward!!!

I drag the box to the car and then seat buckle it in. Yes, I know it sounds silly but what else do you do with the box that has your baby making stuff in it? I mean the box read fragile so I was just trying to do my best to keep it from being tossed all over the back seat. I take the box into the office and a lady comes and takes it from me to take the vials to storage asking me to wait in the waiting room. After a few mins she comes to get me. When we are back in her office she says what I really didn’t want to hear, “I think there is a problem. Didn’t you say that there was supposed to be 4 vials with this delivery?” My response is “yes”. Well she tells me that they only sent 3 and I would need to contact them to clear this up about the missing vial. I felt SICK! How in the heck could my friend Lois let this happen to me??? I mean I thought we had a special bond! I just sang her praises just days before and now look whats happened…I’m very upset that she let me down. So I leave the office and get to the car where Leslie is waiting on me. I proceed to tell her about the vial that is MIA and she didn’t take it as calmly as I did. She was pissed…mostly because of how much that one little vial costs and the fact that we had been charged for 4. She’s upset with our friend Lois too, saying “How could she have entered our order in wrong? We confirmed that we wanted 4 several times. If they got the # of vials wrong, what if they gave us the wrong donor too!!!” Now in any other situation the statistics of 3 out of 4 really isn’t bad…but in this case it is awful!

I make the call to Xytex right away and ask the girl who answers if I can speak to Lois? She tells me that Lois is on the phone with another customer and asked if she can help me with anything. At first I hesitated and thought I wanted to tell Lois how disappointed I was in her but decided that I couldn’t wait on her, who knows how long that might take. We just wanted to get this problem fixed ASAP! So I proceed to tell Jennifer, my new receptionist friend, the situation. She was super sweet just like Lois, and apologized for the mistake. She finds all of our info and said that she saw where Lois had entered our purchase of 4 vials and didn’t understand what went wrong. She tells us that there must have been a problem in the packing/shipping department and she would get to the bottom of it, find our missing vial then call me back. So it was then that I realized that it was not Lois’s fault that we didn’t get 4 vials and felt guilty for doubting her competence.

Later in the day I received a call from my new friend Jennifer who tells me she finally figured out which vial was left out of our order. She made it sound like it was some kind of wild goose chase tracking that thing down! We we’re just happy that they figured it out and fixed the problem. Now our 1 little missing vial is making its way to Nashville to be with the others. Yay!

Like I’ve said before nothing surprises me in this crazy journey.


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