Who wants to be Fertile???

As we get closer to inseminating I am getting more and more anxious about the possibility of not getting pregnant. I mean we are totally ready for the stars to align and for it to take on our first attempt but we’ve had so many sources tell us that it isn’t likely to happen. So what the heck?!?!? We’ve said that we are not going to get our hopes up…but is that really possible??? We’ve dreamed about this, talked about this, and planned for this for so long that I’m not sure we can help but get excited and hope for the best. Now after spending probably too much time dwelling on this I decided to do some research on fertility…trying to bring the ball back into my own court.

Ummm….I had NO idea that there was soooo much stuff out there! Talk about information…my goodness I had a hard time deciding what to look at first. You have chinese holistic stuff, diets, hypnosis therapy, acupuncture, yoga routines, supplements and so much more…way too much to remember it all but I’m telling you anything and everything is available. I sat there in amazement looking at all this stuff then finally the information overload passed (or the ADD meds kicked in) and I was able narrow down what I wanted deciding on a couple of books and a yoga DVD. Then with the permission of the wifey I got to buy all three! WoooHooo! (*Side Note: she’s not a money control freak…but bc of the whole $pricey$ getting pregnant process we are now on a budget and I willingly surrendered all of my credit cards bc I have no self-control with spending money & she’s the budget guru that helps reign me in*) Now back to my purchased material…. These books and the DVD I bought are all supposed to help teach me ways to increase my fertility. Who wants to be fertile? Me! Me! I want to me extremely fertile so that we don’t have to spend more money buying more Jiz! These books are supposed to be pretty good…both had great reviews and One even predicts that you will be pregnant in three months! Now I may be a total sucker but I thought what the heck I’ll try it and if I don’t find myself preggers in 3 months… I’m going to be searching for someone to contact about getting my 13 dollars back!

I have a question….Am I the only one that really didn’t know there were so0000 many ways to increase your fertility and that there are thousands of books written about how to do it???

The last quick thought from my search for fertility is that from what I can tell it looks like I was actually wrong about straight couples being so lucky. Sure they have immediate access to Jiz, they have the luxury of it being free and they are able to try at home without the input of a third-party but it’s not as easy for them as I had thought. The majority of the information out there is not for lesbian couples, it’s for straight couples who have been trying for years to have a baby. Wow! I can’t imagine what that must feel like and my heart goes out to those couples. I guess because I was 18 when I had my son I never realized that some people had a hard time getting pregnant. Now I’m starting to think….well I got pregnant once before with no trouble and without even trying so maybe that’s a good sign for me : ) After all of this is over I think I’m going to buy stock in fertility books/DVDs or I might just decide to write a book of my own! Who knows???

Well I’m excited that my books and DVD will be here soon and I will be sharing all my new knowledge very soon : )



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