Well its go time….we are down to the wire and its time to get the show on the road. We are ready for our first insemination which should be in the next week or so… as long as my body cooperates. But before we can do this we have to pick our “baby daddy”…well thats just what Les and I have chosen to call him at home…we like it better than “sperm donor”. So after much deliberation we had it narrowed down to 4 guys. We decided to name them all so that when we were talking about them and debating on which one to pick we would know who we were discussing as opposed to using Donor#82564384 or whatever they number them as. We were down to Smart Guy, Scruffy, Tall Guy w/ good Teeth, & Hot Guy. Now all of these that we had it narrowed down to were all really good-looking and each had qualities that we really liked. It was really hard to even talk about what we didn’t like about them because they all really seemed to be great guys. We felt so much pressure to pick the “right” one…I mean this would be the other biological half of our kid…this should not be entered into lightly for goodness sake! Ha! Who am I kidding…this isnt that serious. I mean we are a Nuture over Nature family. We just want a healthy and good-looking baby!

So after talking these guys over we decided that we needed a back-up plan aka a “Plan B”. We watched the Real L WOrd this past season and there was a couple, Cori and Kacy, going through this process and the guy they chose only had 3 vials available… so learning from watching their experience we decided that we needed to have so back up guys that we liked just in case our 1st pick had limited vials available. Now after much deliberation we are down to 3 guys. Had to take Hot Guy out of the mix…he was hot but other than that he didn’t fare well next to the other 3 and really didn’t meet our initial requirements that we had agreed upon. We talked about the other 3 and decided to leave all three of them in the mix but we knew that we finally had a clear favorite. Drum Roll Please**********************And the Winner is*********************TALL GUY w/ the good teeth!!!!!!! Congratulations… you have been selected by this amazing lesbian couple to (hopefully) father their baby!!!

I do wonder if they are notified that someone has purchased their jiz…now talk about a self confidence booster…that would make me walk a little taller for sure! Or what if you were one of those tragic looking guys that I talked about in an earlier blog and you never got that call saying your jiz had been purchased….that would be a balloon popper.

Well anyway….its done…another step is marked off the list. We are ready to move on to the tough part of actually using this stuff and trying to get pregnant! Oh my…what a day!


4 thoughts on “AND THE WINNER IS…..

  1. We had to choose between two guys – we chose the extrovert, headstrong chef, as opposed to the computer nerd. It was a very different situation for us as here in Thailand the donor information is limited to BLOOD TYPE. Can you believe that!? Anyway, that led us to try and find a donor in what is actually a very conservative society, but we got one. Yay!
    Looking forward to following your journey. It’s a crazy one!

    • Wow! I can’t imagine how tough that must have been when you are limited to blood type! That is crazy! I am so glad that you found one that you two were happy with! I know that we aren’t in Thailand but I promise that the Southeastern United States may as well be a foreign country sometimes. It is very conservative area where lesbians aren’t always received with open arms. No we are lucky that we do have some rights. My wife and I will be able to do a 2nd parent adoption so that we are both the legal parents of our baby. My heart goes out to you as you two work to find an answer to protect yourselves and your family. I will be happy to hear the news that you can solve that problem : )

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