Sold Out!

So searching for a donor has become very interesting and entertaining all at the same time. I’m really not sure how these guys are selected and screened but I would love to be informed of how they decide who can become a donor. I know that they are selective of who they allow to donate and don’t just let any random guy in off the street to JIZ in a cup and pay him for it. Thank God that it’s not that easy! But seriously I wish I had a way to show you some of the guys I’m looking at here! Leslie and I are still baffled by the fact that there are several and I mean several guys listed as donors who are absolutely tragic looking! I mean tragic as in make you laugh out loud funny looking. Now it gets even better because some of these guys actually have their profiles tagged as being SOLD OUT. Really?!?! What the hell were these women thinking??? Surely these women weren’t drunk when they picked their donor! Could their jiz have been on clearance for like 50% off? Or could these women have decided that they wanted to choose a donor that was unattractive….surely not. But then again stranger things have happened.

Then I love the profiles of the guys that post one picture of themselves and not even a good picture. And then if it’s a picture of themselves as an awkward child….well that is always a crowd pleaser! I wonder if these guys really expect a couple to be able to decide from that ONE awkward picture if they want them to be the father of their child. I can hear the couple now,”yep honey thats him. I can tell its meant to be because I owned a BigWheel just like that one when I was a kid. I know the photo is blurry but I can tell he’s the one”. Yeah…no thank you! Do some guys really have no clue how to choose an attractive picture of themselves? I can’t tell you how many unflattering pictures of guys I have looked at and thought…why in the world would you post a picture of yourself looking like that?!?

Oh it gets better….I have to mention the profiles of the guys who choose to NOT include a picture what-so-ever. Hmmmm… I’m really confused by these donors…why would I spend thousands of dollars to have a baby and just gamble on the looks of the father? So Dear Pictureless Donor_ I understand that you may be uncomfortable with the possibilities of being recognized by someone who has chosen your JIZ or maybe you are slightly on the unattractive side and a little camera shy. No worries if its a camera shy thing just photo shop honey! But those with the recognition I would be willing to bet that the likelihood of that actually happening is slim to none. Oh and I can guarantee that lez couples wanting your sperm for them to start a family of their own will not seek you out and Thank you in public for your donation…but thats just for your own information do with it what you will.

Now with all that said about the donors that we will not be considering…. I will admit that there are plenty of good-looking and smart donors to choose from. We’ve finally narrowed our selection to about 5 guys then trying to knock them down to one or two will be impossible!


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