And so it begins….

Now of course most of you have heard the cliché comments and jokes about lez couples using the turkey baster at home to get knocked up. I personally know a few couples who have tried this out and its not as easy as you would think it is. If the couple is going to do this at home that means they need to get all their ducks in a row first.

They’ll need sperm at home and this can come from a few different sources….some couples choose to use some random guy (possibly found on Craigslist. Ha! I laugh bc I heard of a couple actually doing that.) OR some use someone that they know like a friend or maybe even a family member. Well they would need this guy to do his “business” in a cup & hand deliver this to them, not sure how awkward that would be but I’ve never been there so who knows…. But an alternative to having a guy present is that some couples go the route of buying sperm on-line and having it shipped to their house. Talk about a strange delivery! Yes mister UPS delivery guy, the package you just delivered is a container of JIZ. I wonder if they know what it is??? That would be a great question to ask them. So I wish all the couple who are brave enough to try at home the Best of Luck… but for me, Honestly…the thought of trying that whole process at home would stress me out and it all seems gross and messy! Ewwww! I am not sure if I could handle some guys Jiz…its just….I guess I could say not my first choice even though I know that it is MUCH cheaper than any other option.

So after very little consideration we decided that we wanted to forgo the at home process and go the safer and surer route of using a doctor to do an IUI or intrauterine insemination in an office setting. Considering neither Leslie nor I had any experience trying to get pregnant in an alternative way we thought that we may need to talk to my OB-GYN to see what we needed to do to start this process.

So we schedule an appointment to see my doctor and get the ball rolling. He laid out how easy and common the process was but also made sure we knew that there were no guarantees of how quickly we would be successful. He talked about costs and how most Insurances would not cover the insemination process because it was not an infertility issue (which I consider BS because there is an infertility issue bc we don’t have sperm to create a baby!!!) But he said all that to let us know that we needed to prepare to spend a significant amount of money. AND spend money is a severe understatement! We are talking thousands of dollars! SO I’m pretty sure that Straight couples out there don’t realize how easy they have it!!! Lucky!!! Well he suggested that we use Xytex to purchase our units of sperm or “JIZ” as I like to call it. Just sounds funny so I prefer that term : ). Storage was the next topic and another cost for that. Then we discussed a timeline of events and when we would do the insemination. Next came medications that I would need to take, temperatures and blood work… And I’m sure there was much more that he said but at that point we had had so much information thrown at us in 30 mins that my head was spinning and I couldn’t keep up trying to write all my notes down…He was so encouraging and tried his best to assure us that this was nothing to stress about but I feel like we left there more stressed and overloaded with information than excited about the thought of getting pregnant!

And once we were back at home letting everything set in we thought about the fact that this was just the BEGINNING!!!



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